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We are what we eat.

Let’s find out how food can not only define us, but influence our health and wellbeing.

Including a 4 week meal plan and grocery shopping lists.

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Our diet affects us, how?

It improves overall physical health

What we eat everyday influences how we digest that food and the amount of energy and nutrients available to our cells. Eating right can help improve our wellbeing, maintain a healthy weight and enjoy life more.

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It impacts the environment

Our daily food choices have an impact on the environment. Becoming more aware of our influence on the environment with our food choices can motivate us to make dietary choices that are not only good for our health, but also good for our planet.

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It affects emotions

Food is energy. The way we eat can affect our emotions, energy levels and motivation.

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About me

My name is Vesela and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. The goal of this website and my offer is to inspire you to lead a healthier and happier life. Food doesn’t have to be complicated and a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always have to be an all or nothing. In fact, learning how to bring more balance in our lifestyle, nutrition and emotions is a very important tool to be able to block out the noise and focus on the fundamentals. It all started with a simple dietary change that led me on the path of becoming a nutritionist. Experiencing the benefits of improving my own diet, my education in nutrition started with a certification as a Diet and Nutrition Advisor. I then went on to complete a program with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Becoming a mother further increased my interest in child’s nutrition and I completed a certified course in Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford University. I have also completed a certification course on the Human Gut and Microbiome with the University of Colorado Boulder. Find out more about my personal journey and my philosophy from the link below.

My services

Individual nutritional assessments, meal plans, corporate nutrition and cooking classes and more. Click on the images below to discover all my offerings.

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Quick and healthy oatmeal recipe

This quick and healthy breakfast recipe is perfect for adults and kids! It will keep your energy stable and will provide you with nutrients.

The surprising truth behind cravings

We all have experienced cravings at some point in our life. Cravings are oftentimes associated with negative feelings, such as guilt, shame, or a feeling that we're out of control. However, cravings can also offer us an insight into our physical and emotional well-being, especially as we learn to listen to our body.

What others say

“I had the pleasure to follow 2 of Vesela’s programs and I was very satisfied both times. Vesela gives great tailored nutrition and well being advices. She is caring and pleasant and has excellent listening skills. I felt so much better after following her programs. My digestion improved, my mood and even sleep. Recipes are easy and super tasty and this helps to keep motivated on a healthy path. I definitely recommend her work!”


Private Client

“Our company has asked Vesela to conduct weekly “healthy cooking classes” during our lunch break. She has shown us ways to cook that I’ve never tried before, and it’s so easy I can do them myself at home! I really liked her Almond Pesto with Zucchini noodles and her healthy desserts are a great finish. She always has new food combinations that keeps the classes interesting. The way she shares her dietary knowledge is easy to understand and her passion for her work is refreshing. I highly recommend her classes.”


Corporate Cooking & Nutrition Classes

I really appreciate your classes. I learn a lot about nutrients, benefits of each food for the body. I also discovered some food, especially seeds I was not used to eat. Recipes are really easy and quickly done (my blender is more used than ever…). I already tested some of them and enjoyed them. Green smoothies are now part of my regular snacks and my husband also became a fan of them! Even my sons want to help preparing food, especially the veggie spaghetti


Corporate Cooking & Nutrition Class

Vesela held nutrition & cooking classes at our company. The classes bring another perspective on nutrition than I had ever imagined. Today I take care in food selection. I tested a few recipes successfully with compliments from my family. Thank you for your new approach.


Corporate Cooking & Nutrition Classes

We worked with Vesela Savova for the “Be a runner” campaign on our lifestyle website rosportlife.com. As a nutritionist, she guided the participants in optimizing their nutrition while preparing for the semi-marathon in Luxembourg-City. During that period Vesela also shared useful information about nutrition for runners and great recipes on our site. The collaboration with Vesela was easy. Through her knowledge in the matter and her positive personality she was definitely a win for our campaign and we highly appreciated her quality articles for our website.

Rosport Luxembourg