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What your cravings may reveal and how to stop them from sabotaging your health goals

Has this happened to you? You set off on a diet to improve your health, wellbeing and appearance, and yet somewhere, along the way, that sneaky feeling of “I must have xyz, I NEED to have xyz!” sets in and takes over control? And after a quick, somewhat cloudy episode, you find yourself faced with an empty plate that once contained that xyz. Your body on the other hand is filled with pleasure and guilt, wondering what that thing was that took such control over you, and why you completely gave in to it? Yes, you just gave in to a big craving.

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Homemade ice cream your entire family will love

As a nutritionist my interest in offering healthy food for children of course grew with my daughter. And so, I dug deeper in learning about how to offer nutritious foods that young children will eat. My daughter was not only cooperative and very willing to help with cooking, but she also started showing a growing interest in food as we created our little daily routine of cooking together. She would “slice” veggies with her children’s knife, or rinse the salad; she would mix the bowl and add some spices to a curry. It is always fun and further fosters our bonding.

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