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Back-To-School Chickpea Rolls

Video Recipe: Quick, tasty and nutritious chickpea wraps. Perfect for back-to-school or back-to-work!

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Omega-3s: are you getting enough of this essential nutrient?

Let’s talk about the importance of omega-3s in children’s diet. We know that these fats are important for our health, but are we getting enough of this nutrient? Omega-3s have many health benefits for every age group – they are an important component for a healthy pregnancy, and they offer many benefits for people of old age.

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Omega-3 rich energy balls

Omega-3s are such an important nutrient for all stages of life. They play a crucial role during pregnancy, and are necessary for infants and small children in order for them to develop correctly. Omega-3s also have many benefits for people in later stages of life. They help keep us on the bright side of life, as they help combat depression.

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