Installing early healthy eating habits.

We hear about picky eating in young children on a regular basis to the point that we might start to consider this behavior normal. While it is normal for a child to go through phases where they refuse certain foods, it usually doesn’t last for long.

I know that we mean well when we give our child a slice of cake for their first birthday or buy them ice-cream to put a smile on their face. But these dietary missteps begin to negatively shape a child’s palate and can affect their impressionable digestive system.

It is so much easier to begin installing healthy eating habits from the first spoon we offer to our child, than to try to correct our mistakes later on. I began my studies in holistic nutrition when my daughter was just 5 months old – perfectly on time to start implementing the theory into practice.

My approach with children is to replace nutrient deficient foods with nutrient dense foods. There’s an adjustment period while we move our children off of processed foods, but the short-term pain and persistence is well worth the long-term gain.

Children are so impressionable, we are constantly being told that they are “sponges”. And they deserve the best start in life. Serving them wholesome, balanced plates of real food – from the start – makes a huge impression on their digestive tract and sets healthy eating habits for life.

I would love to meet you and your children to help address any dietary concerns or behavioral patterns that may be food related.

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