How does it work?

During a nutritional assessment, Vesela will consider all knowledge gathered from you and present a recommended set of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle suggestions to target your greatest health complaints and improve the function of your mind, body and spirit.

Should you welcome her guidance, Vesela will be happy to take a look through your fridge and cupboards, and offer alternative, healthier options to some of your existing food choices.

In your nutritional assessment (one session about 45min) you will get personal recommendations regarding:

  • your current diet and where it needs improvement
  • holistic assessment of all bodily systems with appropriate recommendations
  • lifestyle assessment and recommendations
  • a recommended individual meal plan, recipes and grocery shopping list

Special recommendations can be made for athletes, pregnant, and post-partum women, as well as a focus on stress, lack of energy and other imbalances.*

You can choose and directly book a package below:

Booking Provided by Healthie


*If you suspect you are having a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.

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