Starting this June 5th. Learn how to cook & eat to reach your optimal weight and hormonal balance.

Nutrition program for women

Did you know that oftentimes the root cause of body issues comes from lack of connection with our bodies? As women, we tend to be so critical of our body and less appreciative of the things it does for us. Learning how our body operates will connect us deeper with ourselves and allow us to nurture it, to soften in it and to feel at more ease and comfort. Think of the feeling of lightness, the joy of moving the body and being in it when we take care of it. It comes when we’re aware of what our body truly needs and how we can support it with nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Join Vesela Savova Drews – certified holistic nutritionist, for a 4-week program arming you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to meet your health goals. This includes a 21-day meal plan, live cooking classes and workshops on nutrition.

By the end of this program, you will have mastered:

  • The best foods for metabolism and hormonal health
  • Where to find the most important nutrients for women’s health
  • How to cook healthy and nutritious meals and save time
  • How to balance blood sugar by meal composition
  • The science behind fasting and if it’s the right choice for you
  • How to make healthy eating a sustainable lifestyle  

Here’s what you can expect from the 4-week program:

  • 2 live workshops on nutrition
  • 1 group coaching session
  • 3 live cooking classes
  • 21-day meal plan
  • Closed group chat

Program schedule:

  • June 5th: Live online workshop – Nutrition for Women. How to eat for healthy hormones and better metabolism
  • June 12th: Live online cooking class: Meal prepping essentials for your meal plan
  • June 19th: Live online cooking class: Learn how to compose healthy & tasty meals that support your hormones while saving valuable time.
  • June 23rd: Live online cooking class: Balancing blood sugar and how to eat during each phase of the menstrual cycle
  • July 3rd: Live online workshop: The science of fasting; Group coaching

Time investment

There will be weekly live workshops each of 1h30min. The Workshops will take place on Sundays with the first workshop starting on June 5th. More information about the time of the workshops will be shared to the participants after registration. In case you can’t make the live workshops there will be a recording. Additionally you will get meal plans, plus little prompts throughout the week to put the knowledge into practice. You will also be part of a closed chat group, so you can connect with other women and share your journey.

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Meet your host

Vesela Drews, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

As a certified holistic nutritionist I focus on holistic health, taking into account not just your diet, but overall lifestyle as well as your goals and challenges. I completed my studies with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a women, I focus on nutrition that supports women through different lifestages and I am aware of how different each of those stages can be. We women are complex beings, and as such our nutrition needs to adapt to the ebbs and flows of our hormonal fluctuations.

And there’s more! You will also receive a free video recording of my webinar on the menstrual cycle! In it you’ll learn how your hormones change during the month and what you can do to support the stage you are in with nutrition and lifestyle. Say bye to PMS, fatigue and moodiness.

During this program you will learn how to reach your optimal weight while you enjoy food and connect deeper with your body. This is not a quick fix diet program. The goal of this program is to teach you how to make healthy eating an enjoyable lifestyle you can sustain long term! Then watch how your body responds. We will discuss our daily habits, how and why we make the food choices we do, and I will show you ways to make some of your favorite foods more nutritious. Think of it as a crash course in cooking and nutrition! We will cook together, learn together and have fun in a group of like-minded women.

Want a little sneak-peek of what’s to come? Check out the video below on how to compose a balanced plate:

Your most common questions

When are the virtual workshops taking place?

You will receive the full schedule of the workshops before the program starts. Our live online workshops take place over Zoom every Sunday afternoon. I know time is scarce, so I decided to host the workshops on a Sunday, when chances are you have some extra time to prepare some of your food for the week ahead. Should you not be able to make the live workshop, you will receive the recording afterwards. But I strongly encourage you to participate in the live one to get the most value of the workshop for your own particular situation.

How does the program work?

We will meet up virtualy once a week for about an hour an a half and cover a specific topic. The format will be different: from live cooking classes, presentations to webinars. You will also receive some practical tips to implement in your day after the workshop. The live cooking classes will be perfect for your busy week, as you will cook in your own kitchen and prepare for the week ahead while chatting with other women and learning more about nutrition.

Are there other payment options?

You can make the secured payment directly through the website using your credit card. If payment by credit card is not possible, get in touch via email (hello(at) and I will send you an invoice for a bank transfer.

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