The birth of my second daughter started an incredibly transformative period for me. It cracked me open even further. And allowed me to reach the depths of my being and assess so many things in my life with a new lens.

My interest in nutrition for the pregnancy and postpartum period naturally increased during my pregnancy. I knew this was an area I wanted to dive deeper into and get further qualifications.

Nourished Motherhood

I studied and simultaneously experienced the reality of being pregnant with a small child. And I immediately applied this new knowledge in my everyday life. I saw some things that really worked, and others – that didn’t, though they did sound so nice in theory. I noticed my health and wellbeing during pregnancy and postpartum and I did full blood pictures to check whether the nutritional interventions did a difference. I knew they did because I felt great! But seeing the test results also gave me so much more confidence. Because then I knew that indeed, how we approach our own self-care, nutrition and lifestyle during these precious moments of our life can make a tremendous difference!

I did things differently this time around after my baby was born.

Postpartum self-care

I was much gentler with myself. I rested in those early days and savoured the new-born cocooning fully with my family. I didn’t focus on superficial things but on practical life hacks that made my postpartum period feel like a deep rest. Even if this time around I also had to take care of a new born and a small child – it was all absolutely doable. We nested, ate warming foods, filled the fridge and freezer with nourishing meals and soaked up the baby cuddles and skin-to-skin naps. I approached exercise after birth differently.

The rush to prove to myself or anyone else that I am still ME was gone.

I knew this time how motherhood transforms you. I was prepared and welcomed the shedding of my identity and integrating the new, huge part of now being a mom of two. I knew I will be peeling off layers and dive deep and face some of my deepest fears and feel the biggest love I could ever imagine. I knew I might just feel different for a while and that was all ok. In fact, it was this rite of passage that made me more ME.

Postpartum nutrition

I hear from many moms about the struggles of motherhood and I sympathise with them – we all struggle at times! Motherhood is not a journey for the fainthearted. It comes with extreme emotions and with some extreme tiredness. We might feel the biggest love in one moment, and then feel we are on the brink of breaking down in the next. It certainly is a ride! One that I am forever grateful to be on!

How we approach motherhood can make a tremendous difference, especially in those early months!

When pregnant we are often the centre of attention (whether we want it or not..). But as baby arrives it can sometimes feel as if suddenly we become invisible. We blend into the background.

How many times do people ask about the baby and forget to ask about you? How many times did you have to tend to visitors in those early days, when all you wanted to do was to cuddle up in bed with your baby? And maybe wished to have a warm meal being brought to you instead? How many times have we forgotten to eat simply because there is no time to stop? How many times have we unwillingly neglected ourselves as new moms?

Having a baby during a pandemic only adds to this issue. We have now truly lost our village. I did notice a huge difference in this regard as I too had my second baby during the pandemic. No baby and me classes, no meetups (or very rare), and limited travel prevents family to come and help out.

And then it occurred to me.

We as mothers HAVE to take back our power!

We need to learn how to take better care of ourselves. So we can show up as the best versions of ourselves to our children. And we need to learn HOW to ask for help and accept help that is offered.

This is the reason why I created Nourished Motherhood

As a limited group of only 10 moms we will build a mini village together. We will offer each other support and motivation.And we’ll learn how to nourish ourselves in the best way during this important period of our lives.

Knowing what goes on in your body postpartum is important. Knowing what nutrients you need and where to find them can make a huge difference in your postpartum experience.

We will couple this knowledge with practical cooking classes. This way you also learn how to cook when you have limited time. We will talk about the relationship with your partner. Specifically about what changes as you transition into parents (doesn’t matter if for the first of fifth time).

You will learn that when you know exactly what you need and communicate those needs in the right way you can build a stronger relationship.

We will focus on your lifestyle, time and space management, emotional and mental wellbeing, and feeling good in your body. It’s the most detailed program I have ever created. And I know it will bring a positive change in the life of every mom that takes part in it! I know it, because I live it in the moment and have tested it on myself.

I also believe that moms should have this program offered when on maternity/parental leave to make for a smoother transition back to work.

If you are a new mom or mom to be in the third trimester – join us!

We start this January 23rd and the first month the focus is on nourishing the body. If you know a mom – send her the link or gift her this experience.

I am hosting a free workshop this January 16th at 16:00h to talk more about the program and Jitka Sedlakova, relationship coach, will be our guest. She’ll talk about how to maintain a strong relationship with our partner after baby. If you feel called to it – join us.

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