What is the SMART Eating Strategy?

This strategy uses the principles that I see make the biggest difference when we want to improve our relationship with food, and nourish ourselves better so we not only look our best, but also feel our best! This will allow us to extend our health longevity, improve physical and mental performance, and yes – fit better into our clothes. And it can be done effortlessly with the SMART eating strategy!

top 3 nutrients for women

Discover the top 3 nutrients every woman needs

We women are complex beings in the best sense of the word. And our nutritional needs can be complex too. As we go through life, we need to adapt our diet to support the different stage we are in. What we eat can impact our menstrual cycle, increase or decrease PMS. Our nutritional needs also change tremendously during pregnancy, postpartum and lactation. And as we get closer to menopause, our diet and lifestyle can support a smoother transition with a hormonal turmoil we can manage. 🙂

Stress and Digestion: Week 4 Meal Plan in our Rejuvenation Program

You probably have heard about the fight or flight response.

In an ideal situation when we are eating, the parasympathetic nervous system is dormant, so the digestive and lymph systems are fully activated. As we’re calmly chewing our food our stomach makes digestive juices that stimulate the intestinal tract and our lymph system can quickly deal with any viruses, yeast, fungi or bacteria.
If we sense some danger our body makes a shift in energy. Instead of focusing on proper digestion, our adrenaline levels go up and energy goes towards our skeletal muscles, ready for a fight or flight. As soon as the danger is no longer there the energy goes back to digesting our food.

Optimising the work of the stomach

Our digestion can suffer if our stomach is not working optimally. Our digestive system can suffer a lot of abuse during our lifetime. Think about it, from morning till night, we put into our mouths whatever is in our arm’s reach: foods, liquids, stimulants, relaxants, and chemicals.
We expect our system to somehow magically grind it all up, sort it out, use the good, eliminate the bad, all without any noise or complaint, and still have lots of energy. That the human system can withstand the abuse it does has to be one of the miracles of life. The apparent stamina of the digestive system is illusory.

30-Day Rejuvenation Program: Activating the healing power within and WEEK 3 MEAL PLAN

It is reassuring to know that the body always wants to be in balance. And it wants to heal itself. Our cells thrive when given these two conditions: nutrients and elimination of toxins.
Homeostasis is the ability of the body to regulate its cells together as a unit. The body knows just where it should be going and just how to get there. All who study the body closely must recognize it as living magic.

Should you skip breakfast? Improving Digestion & Boosting Metabolism – Week 2

Should you eat breakfast or skip it?

The digestive system has highs and lows of energy, as do all the organs of the body. The Chinese have observed these energy flows carefully for thousands of years and have produced a very accurate clock which depicts the times of strength and weakness of the different organs.
The digestive system is strongest between seven and eleven in the morning. The stomach’s meridian peak is between nine and eleven. This is the time to eat a big breakfast like many nutritionists are suggesting.

How can proper food combining help with digestion

30 Day Rejuvenation Program: On proper food combining
Think of the digestive system as resembling a flame. If you have a tiny flame then you have to treat it with great care. The fuel must be pure and fine and added slowly, or the fire will flicker and possibly falter.Avoiding specific food sesitivities (seee the list here in the previous post in this program) is the first step towards rebuilding back the digestive system. The next step is avoiding combinations of foods that are problems..

Welcome to the 30 Day Rejuvenation Program – WEEK 1

Welcome to the 30 Day Rejuvenation Program, where we will focus on improving our digestion and boosting our metabolism! You will find the meal plan for week 1, grocery shopping list and the recipes for the week.
So many people are used to feel heavy, bloated and constipated that we have come to accept these feelings as a normal part of daily life. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can feel more energize and lighter!

holistic pregnancy

You need these two things for your healthy habits to stick

The Plateful Nutrition Membership is now live and we’re starting this October!
What does it take to create a new habit that will improve your life? It’s mainly two things: CONSISTENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. These are the cornerstones of the membership. Each month we dive into a specific topic with theory and practical tools. Discover all the themes on the Membership page.

Balancing hormones: estrogen dominance

Estrogen is an important hormone for our reproductive health, and in females it helps control the menstrual cycle and is particularly important for childbearing. But estrogen has more functions than that. It also helps keep cholesterol in control and protects our bones. Whenever estrogen gets out of balance, we can suffer some unpleasant consequences.

Baked falafels

This recipe is quick and really easy to make. It is perfect as a last minute meal, because you can prepare the falafels with cooked chickpeas from a jar. The classic recipe for falafels uses soaked and raw chickpeas. And you know how beneficial it is to soak your legumes – if you don’t here’s an article about it – but sometimes life happens and you might be short on time.

Emotional Wellbeing during challenging times

A few weeks ago I hosted a live Instagram session, where I chatted with Jessica Janusz – a yoga teacher and founder of Anushia about Emotional Wellbeing. The session ended up being almost an hour long. I decided to upload some of the topics we discussed in short, easily digestible videos, so you can go back to them when you need. You will find the videos below. Emotional wellbeing is an integral part of our health, and tending to our emotions is just as important, if not even more, as paying attention to the food we consume.


Join wellness connoisseours, Vesela Savova (certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor) and Jessica Janusz (certified Yoga & Empowerment Retreat Teacher) for a half day workshop this Sunday on creating positive habits through what we feed ourselves both mentally and physically. If you’re ready to make changes that last in a way that is supportive, fun, and healthy then this is the time to take for you.

Tofu Bolognese

Pasta is a thing in our house. My daughter loves it, and I like it too as it can oftentimes be prepared fairly quickly – it’s a perfect option for a weekday meal or for when you are not sure what to serve your kids. You know they won’t say no to pasta! 🙂 As a nutritionist however, I also want to make sure I serve a meal that will nourish the body and will provide with essential nutrients.