second trimester pregnancy diary

This second pregnancy flew by! I am now in the third trimester and here we are at the final stretch (literally 😉).

My first trimester pregnancy diary

I have been savoring this pregnancy – all the changes, unknowns, anticipations, and every single kick I’ve been feeling, knowing that this probably will be my last time being pregnant. I have always wanted two children, and I am not planning on having a third at this point (though as they say – never say never!). So, from this perspective it feels somewhat bitter-sweet.

Conscious approach towards pregnancy

Pregnancy is not something that every woman will experience or wants to experience. Whether you had a child, plan to have a child or decide to be without one – all these experiences are valid and I respect every woman for the choices she makes with her life. Having children is something I firmly believe should be done consciously – not because society or relatives expect you to, not because in your mind this is what you think you should do, or because it’s part of your plan – it brings with itself a tremendous responsibility. When we consciously decide to bring a new life on this planet, we can prepare better for the challenges that being a parent undoubtfully will bring. It is one of the most important decisions we can make and as such it shouldn’t be taken lightly. After having my daughter, my life turned upside down. It cracked open my being, and it allowed me to get to know a deeper, raw version of myself. It allowed for such a transformation and healing, that is hard to put into words. It changed the person that I was.

My first daughter made me a mother. And as such, a new side of my personality emerged – a side that swallowed me completely in the first year of motherhood and which then allowed me to re-emerge as a new, more layered person. Motherhood in itself is such a fascinating topic and I love to see how people change after a baby. For whoever tells you they have not changed and their life is still the same after baby is either in denial or has missed this unique opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

A second pregnancy is quite different from the first

She stuffs her toys under her dress and pretends she has a baby in her belly. 🙂

With this said, a second pregnancy is quite different from the first. I approached it differently. As mentioned before, I felt more confident in myself, I know already what lies on the other side, though I know I am in for another big surprise, which is life with two kids, and managing it all. I know things will be very different and I will only truly comprehend it as I live it.

There is a lot going on emotionally and spiritually…

I am enjoying life as a family of three right now. I spend more time with my daughter, knowing that soon that attention needs to be divided. We cuddle and talk about how things will change soon. That’s one of the blessings of having an older first born – they understand things better. And she is so ready to be a big sister that my heart overflows with love when I see how she already prepares her room, and sets her old clothes aside for her sister. She knows about all the changes that will take place and although it will be difficult for her to adapt, I am confident it will all go well.

Physical changes

On a physical level I have been loving this second trimester. My energy went back to how it was pre-pregnancy. I was very active and I felt good. I love my sleep now, and I usually go to bed around 10:30h. I also take naps in the afternoon if I can.

I love to spend my time with things that bring me fulfilment and joy. Working with private clients and seeing how they each make progress has been making me so happy too.

I haven’t had any symptoms these past three months. The only thing is the occasional heartburn, which is really unpleasant, but I have now discovered certain foods that make it worse and avoiding them has definitely helped me with it. We were on a holiday in Bulgaria and travelling for so long has given me some lower back pain, and I noticed this was always when I was sitting for a long time and haven’t done yoga. Yoga has been just amazing for me. I don’t feel like going to the gym much at the moment, but yoga is something I really don’t skip. It helps realign my body, and it prevents any body aches. It also allows me to connect more deeply with my body and get more in sync with it. It seems baby loves it too, because she quiets down. 😊

My belly has grown by a lot! I honestly feel like I’m 9 months pregnant right now – I’m all belly already. I love the feeling of it, and oftentimes find myself rubbing and caressing it. And I have been feeling baby’s kicks since the 18th week which is so, so nice. Now they’re much stronger, and sometimes my entire belly hardens and I can even see a little bump as she stretches and moves. This feeling – the movement of life inside of me – is something so precious and something I savour to the fullest, because I know already how much I’ll miss it!

Food and cravings

I haven’t been having any cravings and on the account of food intake things are not that exciting. My food intake has been the same way as before, but now obviously I pay much more attention that I get the nutrients in that I need. I am more focused on getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals and I vary my meals and make sure I add plenty of colourful vegetables to each meal. Lately I have been loving canned whole sardines. They are just so good for a pregnant woman! Low on the food chain they are low in contaminants and mercury and a great source of bioavailable protein, omega-3s, vitamin D and calcium (especially in the bones, hence why I eat them whole!). Not to mention that they are so easy to add to a quick meal. I usually make a salad with romaine lettuce, baby spinach, rucola, roasted pepper, tomato, some avocado, carrots or cabbage, pumpkin seeds and I toss them in. Perfect for a quick lunch!

My husband has been cooking a lot lately too, which is so nice. He spoiled us a few times with his homemade pizza and pasta, and I had to tell him to tune it down 😉 I love these foods and by all means – they do have a place in a balanced diet, but I try not to eat them too often, at least not at the moment. Though pastas are something we eat regularly, I try to boost their nutrient content by making a kale pesto (I shared the recipe on my Instagram stories), or a veggie loaded tomato sauce, and I oftentimes substitute the pasta with chickpea pasta, which contains more protein, fiber and minerals, such as iron, that wholewheat.


My appetite has been really good, and I eat with pleasure. I have added an additional snack to accommodate the increased calorie need and that has been good. I try not to go about hungry because then I tend to make worse food choices, and it is in those times that I crave sweets or simple carbohydrates. We’ve been also having some birthday parties, so I did indulge in cake and food that I usually avoid. I did enjoy it all, so no regrets there. Food is definitely not affecting my worth as a person, ha! I do everything from a place of love for my body, and sometimes a piece of cake can also be seen as an act of love. However, on a daily basis, my focus is always on nourishing my body and baby and eating foods that promote health and vitality.

Body image and pregnancy

I had a conversation with a friend about body image and I touched on it in one of my Instagram posts. As women we tend to define ourselves by the shape of our body, and pregnancy can certainly bring forth some anxiety and insecurity. Our body changes a lot during these 9 months and at some point, it will look very different from pre-pregnancy. The good news is that our body is amazing, and everything can shrink back to its previous size. Knowing that allows me to soften more. I certainly have been feeling great in my body so far. Yes, it’s changing, yes, my belly is getting bigger, and frankly this makes me feel like a super woman. My body is the vessel that is creating, nurturing, carrying and birthing new life, and as such I bow down to its infinite wisdom and let it do its magic.

I find pregnancy can heal us from many preconceptions that we’ve been entertaining if we allow it to. It can shift our focus on the important and essential things in life. It can allow us to reconnect with the wisdom of our body, its inner workings and realize how much of this magic is happening without our conscious effort. As such, it can increase our trust in it, our love for all that it does. And when this happens, we will also take better care of it, nourish it better, listen to it more and surrender to its cyclic rhythm. This is what my pregnancy has been teaching me so far, and what I hope I can convey further to anyone who might be going through the same process.

As I am about to enter the third trimester things will become even more real, and I welcome all of it.

Special thanks to Dominika for the pregnancy photoshoot!

Are you currently pregnant or thinking about having a baby soon? If you need some help to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle to prepare for this wonderful journey better, feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to help!

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