Let your toddler/preschooler discover and unleash their inner chef with these cooking classes!

Workshop Dates, Details and Registration:

12.12.2019: from 16:00h until 16:45h – Christmas cookies 

Previous classes:

11.04.2019 from 15:00h until 16:00h – Almond butter and oat squares

09.05.2019 from 15:00h until 16:00h – Healthy pasta with veggie loaded sauce, “Mac & Cheese” Style

21.05.2019 from 15:00h until 16:00h – Home made nice-cream with healthy ice-cream cones

06.06.2019: Baked arancini with veggies

13.06.2019: Raw berry cake with coconut & cashew frosting

11.07 (Thursday): Sardine and avocado dip with veggie sticks

25.07 (Thursday): Broccoli bites

01.08 (Thursday): Nice cream cookie sandwich 

08.08 (Thursday): Watermelon pizza

12.09 (Thursday): Vegetable tartlets 

26.09 (Thursday): Cauliflower pizza

31.10.2019 from 16:00 until 16:45 – Healthy Halloween Treats

Location: Bourglinster (the exact location will be communicated after registration is completed)
Price: 38,- EUR for a child + parent

What will our little chefs cook?

All recipes use wholesome and healthy ingredients in order to increase their preference towards natural, wholesome foods.

My experience

I started involving my daughter in cooking around the age of 14 months and have noticed how this not only increased our bond, but also allowed her to discover new foods and learn that food doesn’t just appear on the table. It is such a great tool to teach children how to follow simple instructions, to improve their motor skills and concentration and realize that there is a process that needs to be completed before food can be served. 

Why cook with toddlers? 

Increased interest in food

Involving children from a young age in cooking can help increase their interest in food and give them the willingness to try new things. It additionally fosters a child’s sense of accomplishment and creates a more enjoyable atmosphere around meal times. 

A fun and bonding activity

It can be a challenge to keep a toddler entertained. Cooking shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, but also as a fun activity that additionally helps educate children about nutrition and food. 

Build healthy eating habits

Many researchers believe that our long-term eating habits are formed in the first few years. This shows how important it is that we establish the right experiences with food from early on. This doesn’t mean we need to feel bad if a child refuses to eat a specific vegetable or wants a piece of cake. It means that by regularly exposing our children to a variety of whole foods and creating a positive atmosphere around food, we will help them create a healthy relationship with the food they eat.

A sense of accomplishment

Nothing makes a parent happier than when they see their child in delight of mastering a new skill. Cooking is a great way for a child to make something and share it with the rest of the family. They will not only feel accomplished by what they created but will also eagerly want to share it with the rest of the family. 

Being in charge

We give control to our children when they prepare the food for and with us. This makes them feel independent, a quality all toddlers strive for. Children who prepare their food are also much more likely to eat it. It is a great tool to turn a child to a positive eater with a growing sense of accomplishment.  

If you are looking for a fun, bonding and educational activity for your little one, join me for toddler cooking classes. Additional advantages include: all props and ingredients are provided for, and there will be no mess in your own kitchen. 🙂

Register for the toddler cooking class here.

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