Welcome to Plateful Nutrition! My name is Vesela Savova and I am a certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor, living in Luxembourg.

My interest in health and food began over 5 years ago, when I started paying closer attention to what I eat and to my general health. Eating mindfully, and increasing my knowledge about the food I eat and how it directly impacts my health and wellbeing has truly transformed my life for the better. There were certain foods on my menu that did not do me any good and left me feeling tired and sluggish. I was struggling with skin issues, bloating and fatigue. My digestion was far from great. I was often moody. It was all due to the food I was consuming. Once I changed the way I ate I instantly noticed great improvements. My digestion became much better. I was no longer bloated and tired after every meal. My skin problems “magically” disappeared. And I suddenly found myself feeling more energized, and in a better mood than ever before! The change in my diet has enriched my life on so many levels!

Bad food choices can impact our physical health and contribute to weight gain and health issues. But it also plays a major role to our mental health as well. Certain emotions and general energy levels can be traced back to the foods we eat. Think about it this way – the food we eat can either nourish our cells, and provide pure energy to our body and mind, or it can lead to depletion and put a strain on our body, physical and mental health.

 Do you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, and eat food that makes you feel great? Do you want to have more energy, improved mood and digestion? As we work together, we will discover the types of foods you need to increase in your menu, and as you lovingly nourish your body from the inside, soon the results will become visible on the outside too. As you start eating right for your body, you will blossom into the best version of yourself! It is not a quick fix or a fad diet. I am offering a coaching program that will help you start a healthier lifestyle you will learn to love! It is the small things we do everyday that bring big results in the future. This is also my philosophy towards health and diet. Find out more on how I can help you here.

I am constantly expanding my knowledge about nutrition through participation in workshops, seminars and reading the latest studies and research on food and nutrition. My favourite books  are all about nutrition, health and food recipes. I am currently doing a two year long study to become a Holistic Nutritionist.

As a new mom, my interest has further expanded into child nutrition, and I have completed a certification course in Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford University.

I have also completed a certification course on the Human Gut and Microbiome with the University of Colorado Boulder.

Visit my blog if you are interested in tasty whole food recipes, diet and nutrition topics and general tips to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition. I also provide a particular insight into how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle in Luxembourg.



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  1. Hello Vesela, after I made your diet, I stopped acid in the stomach … this is the greatest miracle I’ve ever seen … thank you very much

  2. Since a while I am in to RAW food and what a joy to stumble on your blog. As I am working as a photographer, I would like to make a reportage about you. Lets have a coffee and a chat

    All the best

  3. Hi,

    Could you please share some books I can read in regards to nutrition? I really like your blog 🙂


    • Hi Mada! I would recommend the China Study by T. Colin Campbell and the Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Those were one of the first books I read and they got me completely hooked on nutrition!

  4. Finally! After my trip in Australia I really hoped to see a juice bar or smth like that in Lux. And now there you are ! 🙂 I will definitely come by and try your stuff.

    Ech sin gespaant! 🙂

  5. Hy my name is Pia, I found our blog as I was searching where I could actually buy kale in Luxembourg, I discovered the great benefits of it on a visit to my sister in Florida . Would like to cook it for my family but can’t find kale in regular food stores !

    • Hi Pia! It is so true! Kale has amazing benefits and tastes great in salads, I find especially when you add some avocado to it! 🙂 Kale is quite seasonal and it is difficult to find it in the supermarkets. Try at the farmers market Wednesday and Saturday morning at Place Guillaume II. Currently the dinosaur kale is in season and you could find it there! 🙂
      All the best! xVesela

      • Oh thanks for your reply and advise,I will try this satyrday place Guillaume and let you know if I succeded finaly !

  6. hey, where did you obtain your certificate? could you tell me about it? I would really appreciate it 🙂

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