healthy 2023

Prioritizing nourishment and feeling good in 2023!

Not another “New Year, New Me” Progam! Not a restrictive diet plan! If you want to start building healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime, get inspired about healthy eating and learn how to make nourishing meals in under 30 minutes – this is for you! By the end of the month you will feel and look better, and will have developed skills you can apply for the rest of your life! Registrations for the program are open until January 3rd!

What is the SMART Eating Strategy?

This strategy uses the principles that I see make the biggest difference when we want to improve our relationship with food, and nourish ourselves better so we not only look our best, but also feel our best! This will allow us to extend our health longevity, improve physical and mental performance, and yes – fit better into our clothes. And it can be done effortlessly with the SMART eating strategy!

top 3 nutrients for women

Discover the top 3 nutrients every woman needs

We women are complex beings in the best sense of the word. And our nutritional needs can be complex too. As we go through life, we need to adapt our diet to support the different stage we are in. What we eat can impact our menstrual cycle, increase or decrease PMS. Our nutritional needs also change tremendously during pregnancy, postpartum and lactation. And as we get closer to menopause, our diet and lifestyle can support a smoother transition with a hormonal turmoil we can manage. 🙂

holistic pregnancy

You need these two things for your healthy habits to stick

The Plateful Nutrition Membership is now live and we’re starting this October!
What does it take to create a new habit that will improve your life? It’s mainly two things: CONSISTENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. These are the cornerstones of the membership. Each month we dive into a specific topic with theory and practical tools. Discover all the themes on the Membership page.

Balancing hormones: estrogen dominance

Estrogen is an important hormone for our reproductive health, and in females it helps control the menstrual cycle and is particularly important for childbearing. But estrogen has more functions than that. It also helps keep cholesterol in control and protects our bones. Whenever estrogen gets out of balance, we can suffer some unpleasant consequences.