Nutrition Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle + 4 Week Meal Plan

Oftentimes when I meet with clients and talk about nutrition and healthy eating I stumble onto a similar issue: that person feels stuck. This can feel like a mild annoyance or demotivation, but also can reach to a sense of loss of control over ones life, and a feeling of powerlessness.

Omega-3s: are you getting enough of this essential nutrient?

Let’s talk about the importance of omega-3s in children’s diet. We know that these fats are important for our health, but are we getting enough of this nutrient? Omega-3s have many health benefits for every age group – they are an important component for a healthy pregnancy, and they offer many benefits for people of old age.

How to eat healthy on a vacation without sabotaging your goals

Gluttony on vacation is something many don’t discuss but that many do experience. Remember, vacations are times to take a rest, to get out of your usual routine and enjoy yourself. It is not a time to feel restricted but to honour and celebrate your body, and this also means, to make better choices for yourself. 🙂

What your cravings may reveal and how to stop them from sabotaging your health goals

Has this happened to you? You set off on a diet to improve your health, wellbeing and appearance, and yet somewhere, along the way, that sneaky feeling of “I must have xyz, I NEED to have xyz!” sets in and takes over control? And after a quick, somewhat cloudy episode, you find yourself faced with an empty plate that once contained that xyz. Your body on the other hand is filled with pleasure and guilt, wondering what that thing was that took such control over you, and why you completely gave in to it? Yes, you just gave in to a big craving.

Should you change your diet before trying for a baby?

It is known that nutrition during pregnancy is an important aspect in the magical creation of life. You can improve your chances of getting pregnant and give your baby the best start in life by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle before the baby is conceived. The interesting field of epigenetics shows that our environment can influence the expression of our genes