It has been quiet over here these past few weeks, but that’s only because I have been working really hard on something special for you. It is now finally online and I am happy to announce that my Nutrition Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle is now available here.

Oftentimes when I meet with clients and talk about nutrition and healthy eating I stumble onto a similar issue: that person feels stuck. This can feel like a mild annoyance or demotivation, but also can reach to a sense of loss of control over ones life, and a feeling of powerlessness.

Picture by Ella Olsson

Nutrition these days seems complicated and confusing

I have seen and experienced this myself time and time again. Every now and then there is a big announcement of the latest study that tells you that certain food, that up until this point you were led to believe is healthy, is actually bad for you. The opposite happens too of course.

You might wonder who to trust, how to eat and what the ideal diet should consist of. You might have eaten a certain way for years, and while in the beginning you felt a positive difference, now you feel this diet does not do much for you anymore.

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All the outside noise silences the wisdom within

Our body possesses innate wisdom and it constantly communicates with us. As children we are deeply connected with our body and we can listen to it really well. Things start to change as we grow. When parents pressure us to eat all our food on our plate, when rewards and emotions are being introduced as well, our inner compass gets a little confused. As we grow up we might even get so used to symptoms of indigestion and food intolerances that we cannot tell what certain foods do to us.

Back to basics

Picture by Ella Olsson

This online course is created with the goal to teach you some basic foundations of nutrition. There will be things you know, and there will be things you don’t know. Whatever the case, refreshing this knowledge is important to strip nutrition back to its basic foundation and to clean the slate for a new relationship with our body and foods we choose to consume on a daily basis.

My hope is that with this course you will take the time to re-examine your food habits, and decide to create new ones that suit your goals and lifestyle better.

Food is more than just what we eat

Picture by Edgar Castrejon
Picture by Edgar Castrejon

What we eat is of course important, but it doesn’t paint the full picture. We might eat only healthy foods, but if we are obsessed with what we eat, if food is on our mind 24/7, if we feel guilty and ashamed if we slip, or feel too rigid with our food choices, it calls for attention.

When we eat, who we eat with, how we eat and why we eat are also important components of a healthy diet.

Why meal preparation?

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Ever since becoming a mother I have realized that by dedicating two hours on a Sunday afternoon I can still manage to prepare nutritious and healthy food every day.

Meal prepping is in a way an amateur “mise en place”. 

Meal prepping all about creating shortcuts that will allow us to enjoy nourishing, wholesome food, when we don’t have time to cook from scratch. Personally, I love to cook our dinner fresh every evening, and if I can, I also leave some leftovers for lunch the next day. However, cooking every night is not always possible.

Meal prepping is simply taking away the work that tends to take time when we want to put some fresh food on the table.

This course will help you make a habit of preparing some of your meals in advance.

4 weeks of meal plans

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It comes with a 4 week meal plan, so that you get the hang of meal prepping. It also puts together the theoretical part of the course, and you will learn how to compose healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family. Each week also has grocery shopping lists and a guidance for the meal preparation.

Over 40 recipes

Picture by Ella Olsson

And if you need some inspiration of what to cook, you will not be left without. With over 40 recipes, you will have plenty of things to try. However I also encourage you to get creative and do what brings you joy.

A new habit can stick with us for longer if we get a sense of reward from it.

Special price for a limited time

I am offering a one-time discount of close to 30% on the online course until the end of November. You can get the course for 49 EUR until then. In December the price will return to 69 EUR.

You can purchase the course now and you will have access to it for as long as you want. This way you can always come back to the meal plan and information it contains.

I really hope you will enjoy this course and that it will give you motivation, and help to awaken your inner wisdom and foster your trust in your body and in yourself.

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