Are you currently pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in the near future? Or have you recently given birth?

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time that offers us the opportunity for growth and expansion and also pushes us to evaluate are current lifestyle and dietary habits. When you’re pregnant what you eat and how you live your life no longer affects just you, but your growing baby too, and in this way you are impacting generations ahead. 

And while pregnancy is a great time to soften and surrender to the moment, it is also demanding for the body. Our nutritional needs increase as we grow a new life inside of us. If we don’t enter pregnancy in an optimum nutritional status we risk becoming deficient along the way. And some deficiencies take long time to recover from.

Breastfeeding is another wonderful experience but as such it requires us to be more mindful of our diet so that our milk is full of nutrients supporting baby’s growth. As a breastfeeding mom you need lots of calories to maintain your milk production as well as nourishing foods to recover from the experience of pregnancy and birthing your child.

I will be happy to help you and guide you through this challenging, transforming and yet beautiful process. Together we will work on creating a diet and meal plan that suit your needs and preferences, to optimally support you and your baby. 

Pregnant or thinking about it? 

Join my online holistic pregnancy course and learn how to experience 9 healthy and enjoyable months! You’ll have a lifetime access to the course. 

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Booking Provided by Healthie

Booking Provided by Healthie

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