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This online course is intended for you future mama!

Whether you are already pregnant, or are thinking about becoming pregnant in the future, this course will provide you with some answers and information on how to navigate this wonderful and transformative time in your life.

Pregnancy brings to the surface many deep and sometimes suppressed feelings. Coupled with the emotional and physical changes that take place during these nine months, it is no wonder that women feel more vulnerable and insecure.

But pregnancy also offers an opportunity for transformation and growth. It invites you to be fully present in your body, to surrender and trust your inner wisdom. It is a catalyst for a personal transformation – after all you will come out of it as a mother and will get to know a whole new part of yourself.

Let this course act as your guide and support during your pregnancy. Its aim is to look at pregnancy from a holistic point of you, which encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual part of this unique journey.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to take responsibility of your health and lifestyle, as your decisions no longer affect just you, but your unborn baby too. It is your motivation to make the changes you’ve always planned to make, but never fully stuck to them. It invites you to become more mindful, present and loving with yourself.

Picture by Dominika Montonen-Koivist


And as your responsibility proportionally grows with the life inside of you, this course aims to offer you comfort in putting all essential information about your nutrition and lifestyle changes in one place. You will learn how to navigate the physical, emotional and mental changes during this time and which nutrients you need to pay attention to during the different stages of your pregnancy.

On a practical level you can refer to a weekly meal plan for each trimester and recipes for ideas on how to make sure you meet your increased nutritional needs and eat nourishing foods that support both you and baby.

I also hope that this course will offer a different perspective towards pregnancy – one that is more spiritual, loving and gentle towards you as a future mother.



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