You want to start eating better, but don’t know where to begin? Are you confused about which diets and foods are good for you? Then this online course is for you.

The online course consists of nutritional foundations, and you will learn what healthy eating consists of. It focuses on creating new habits, meal prepping and plate composition, creating a healthy pantry and stocking your fridge right.

The program comes with a 4 week complete meal plan, with over 40 recipes, detailed menu, and grocery shopping lists.

Sign up for my online course and 4 week meal plan here.

Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant in the future?

We now know that your lifestyle during pregnancy can influence the gene expression of your unborn baby – it is called epigenetics. If you have been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, this is the perfect opportunity to start as your choices affect no longer just you.

My online course Holistic Pregnancy, will help you learn how to nourish yourself and baby during these 9 months. 

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