Nutrition workshops for employee wellness

In person and live online workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking for companies that care about their staff

Imagine this scenario at work:

You’re having a busy day and you’re reaching the deadline on your project delivery.

You decide to skip your lunch break and to focus on the final details of your project.

You quickly engulf a sandwich in front of your computer, followed by a strong, tasteless coffee. Hoping it will help get you through the afternoon.

But then this happens: you start feeling tired and bloated. And instead of that coffee giving you a boost in productivity, from your jittery hands, it seems it has increased your anxiety.

Your stress level has reached ceiling and your productivity and motivation have left the room.

What does your lunch have to do with all this?

A lot indeed!

Unhealthy eating drives a 66% likelihood of productivity loss.

Even further – our food choices at work can influence our wellbeing, mood, and susceptibility to illness.

Company nutrition and healthy cooking workshops can help increase team spirit, self-knowledge as well as wellbeing at the workplace.

Hi! I’m Vesela, CHN

I’ve been leading more than 50 workshops and cooking classes for companies since 2015. I have expertise in marrying nutrition theory with practical experience to create engaging and memorable workshops.

I love to share simple and effective tips on how to optimize your nutrition at work in order to foster better health and productivity.

My workshops are usually held in English, but I am also fluent in German, Italian and Bulgarian. My live online workshops can host up to 100 participants, and in-person cooking demonstrations – up to 40.

A great activity for an employee wellness day or as part of a recurring program, the classes consist of two core components:

  1. Nutritional Education: the theoretical part of the class on how our diet and lifestyle influence our health and wellbeing.
  2.  Practical Cooking Demonstration: during which we implement the theory through the recipes and cooking methods demonstrated. It allows the participants to experience how to prepare food that is nutritious and healthy.

There is no need for an equipped kitchen for the workshop (though it is a plus). There is also an option for live virtual workshops.

Vesela held nutrition & cooking classes at our company. The classes bring another perspective on nutrition than I had ever imagined. Today I take care in food selection. I tested a few recipes successfully with compliments from my family. Thank you for your new approach.


Our company has asked Vesela to conduct weekly “healthy cooking classes” during our lunch break. She has shown us ways to cook that I’ve never tried before, and it’s so easy I can do them myself at home! I really liked her Almond Pesto with Zucchini noodles and her healthy desserts are a great finish. She always has new food combinations that keeps the classes interesting. The way she shares her dietary knowledge is easy to understand and her passion for her work is refreshing. I highly recommend her classes.”

Christine, Ikano Bank

For more details and quotes please fill out the contact form below. I’d be happy to discuss with you a tailor-made workshop approach for your company.