Join wellness connoisseours, Vesela Savova (certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor) and Jessica Janusz (certified Yoga & Empowerment Retreat Teacher) for a half day workshop on creating positive habits through what we feed ourselves both mentally and physically. If you’re ready to make changes that last in a way that is supportive, fun, and healthy then this is the time to take for you. 

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Only when we can become aware of the thoughts and habits that play out can we create change. Jessica will start off with a guided meditation to observe where any limiting beliefs might be holding us back. We will then use this to transform our old stories into new ones from which we can feel confident to take authentic action as we flow into the new year. 

Open for all levels, even if you have no prior meditation experience. 


We will discuss how a habit is formed and how our habits dictate our prefences for food and our daily meal choices. You will be given the tools which will enable you to break old habits and install new, healthier ones, successfully. Habits run our lives and when we become aware of them we have the power to change them for better ones.

We will transfer this knowledge into the kitchen, where we will prepare a healthy menu consisting of a starter, main dish and a dessert. You will learn how to make healthy choices naturally and how to enjoy food without guilt or feelings of restriction. We will discuss what a healthy diet means, how healthy dietary patterns are formed and how to enjoy food from a place of abundance, while supporting our health goals. 

We will finish the workshop enjoying our meal together and will have time for good discussion. 

Register for the workshop here.

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