Holistic Living in Luxembourg

In this third video of the series Holistic Living in Luxembourg I am chatting with Jennifer from The Happy Guts’ Company in Luxembourg. We dive into the trendy topic of the gut microbiome and how a healthy gut influences not just our health but our mood and wellbeing. Jennifer has been fermenting food and drinks since she was a little girl and is sharing her experience with fermentation and how looking after the health of her gut has positively influenced her health and wellbeing. 

Here is the list of questions I asked her in this video, you will also find them in the video description on YouTube and you can jump right to them: 

  1. How did you decide to start your company The Happy Gut’s?
  2. Have you or your clients noticed any difference when consuming fermented drinks?
  3. Fermentation as part of traditional cuisines 
  4. What do you need to pay attention to when you go shopping for fermented drinks or food?
  5. On the importance of diversity for gut health
  6. The gut-brain axis
  7. The importance of gut health for physical and mental wellbeing
  8. How does our gut influences our cravings
  9. 5 tips to have a healthy gut

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