Hello December!

As we are approaching the holiday season and the most wonderful time of the year, many of us might feel like they are surrounded by treats and temptations and it can prove to be a challenge to keep up with your healthy and mindful eating.

While holidays are certainly a time to be jolly and let yourself be loose for a while, I believe we should aim to do all that with respect towards ourselves. Indulging in sugary snacks and feeling guilty afterwords is not one such act of self-respect. I also want to clarify that I do not believe in restrictive diets and when I speak about eating healthy during the holiday season I do not mean or want to encourage in any way the notion of feeling miserable and deprived. On the contrary! If you have been working hard on getting back on track with making healthy choices, of being more in touch with your body and what it needs, it might very well happen that when you slip and make an unhealthy choice you will feel worse. Not only physically but also mentally.

Let me illustrate what I mean by giving you an example of myself. We went to a party recently, and I was quite sure there won’t be many food choices there that I would like to eat. The trick I normally do when going to such parties is that I never go there on an empty stomach. I had a big smoothie before we left and felt that would do the trick for me. Unfortunately tough, it turned out the smoothie was not enough, and after an hour of driving and half and hour mingling with people, I found myself feeling really hungry! At that point I couldn’t help it and had a few bites of not so healthy food. Did I feel good? No. In fact I came home with a stomach ache. If you are anything like me, you too will likely take an unhealthy option or anything that is in front of you if you are feeling hungry. And this is the most important thing I want you to remember – never go to a party on an empty stomach! Not only will you not be able to hold your alcohol well, but you will also most probably eat the food that is being offered there, especially if you, just like me, become ravenous when hungry ;).

And so yes, I did learn these lessons the hard way. The reason I have decided to create a workshop to guide you through the holiday season is to help you make healthy eating easier, and to feel better during this wonderful time of the year!

This workshop will provide you with a useful guide that will help you stay healthy and mindful as you celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

You can eat well and be healthy this holiday season, by learning how to navigate the abundance of treats, unhealthy snacks and the tendency to give ourselves a free pass and indulge during the holidays.

Staying heart-healthy with seasonal, healthy foods will allow you to start the New Year on a great note, and will make you feel better throughout the Christmas holidays. After all, it is no fun feeling tired, bloated and experiencing digestive issues during the most wonderful time of the year!

This workshop will provide you with a handy strategy on the following topics:

  • Mindful eating
  • How to take care of yourself if you are hosting
  • Healthy ingredient swaps and substitution ideas
  • The power of movement
  • What to drink during the holidays
  • 3 recipe ideas for a healthy menu
  • 3 holiday recipes demonstration and tasting

I have teamed up with Nature Elements in Howald for this workshop and they will provide the organic and fair-trade ingredients for the recipe demonstration.

You will receive a handout with useful tips and strategies on staying healthy during the holiday season. It will also include the three recipes we will prepare and taste during the workshop, so you can start cooking at home.

You will also have the opportunity to buy the ingredients for the recipes at Nature Elements. As spaces are limited, make sure you reserve your place on time.

Click here to book your place! 

I look forward to seeing you! Stay healthy this holiday season!



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