I’m so excited to be back with my workshops again! I have teamed up with Nature Elements for this coming workshop on May 10th from 18:30h that is all about eating healthy when you don’t have a lot of time. It is a topic close to my heart! Since I gave birth to my baby girl I don’t really have the time to cook and experiment in the kitchen, as I used to before. During this important time for me, postpartum, and while I am nursing my baby, compromising on my food choices is not an option! So I had to find another way  to still be able to enjoy nutritious, homemade food. I have learned a few tricks and techniques that have been so helpful for me and I am excited to share them with you! This workshop is not just for moms, but for everyone that is busy and finds it difficult to cook their food every day.

Whether you are working late, a busy mom or studying for an exam, this workshop is for you!

Food is the fuel of our body and if we neglect what we eat we will soon notice the consequences: lack of energy, reduced performance level, and weakened immune system are just a few them. If you add to that the stress of your work or lack of time, your body will have even more difficulties to cope with this kind of lifestyle. This is why eating good, nutritious food when we are stressed or busy is so important!

If you are interested in finding out more about about the details and recipes we will cover during this workshop, make sure you check out the link at the end of the post. I am grateful to Nature Elements for letting me use their restaurant and organic ingredients, and look forward to seeing you again on May 10th! Spaces for the workshop are limited, so make sure you reserve in advance to secure yours!
Eventbrite - Healthy Eating For Busy People - Workshop

Wishing you a sunny weekend!


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