What a morning! … I woke up with a headache and moody. There are so many things I need to do, yet all I wanted to do is hide under the bed covers and escape. Not to mention that not very pleasant thoughts started creeping up in my head. What started with an overwhelming feeling grew to anxiety and to self-doubting thoughts. In this moment I really didn’t like myself. I had to do something to change this, because I could not imagine my day continuing like this.

just a few minutes of being with the breath can do wonders for your day

I took the opportunity to practice some yoga, while the baby was sleeping, even though I didn’t feel like it AT ALL! I said to myself I will just do a few stretches, and by that time Raya will wake up anyway. I started with some guided breath meditation and continued with slow moves, aligned with my inhales and exhales. Ten minutes in and I already felt the magic of this with my entire being. My headaches were gone, as well as thoughts (any thoughts). I was focusing on each move and how my body felt. My body was unfolding and from stiff and rigid it became more flexible and free. These ten minutes ended up into a full yoga session of 60 minutes and it felt so so amazing (thanks to my baby, who slept the entire time!). Coming out of it I felt like a new person. I felt light, energised and happy. A complete different person emerged than the one that was here an hour ago. And I liked this person so much more!

even if for only 10 minutes, some light stretching can help release tension from the body

This is the magic of yoga! It is such a powerful tool that can help transform you for the better. It is the combination of all its aspects that makes it so great. Focusing on your breath is a simple, but effective way to bring your awareness to the present moment. It helps bring you out of the movie you have put yourself in with your thoughts and realise that the thoughts are not you. Moving with awareness on the other hand brings you more in your body, where you can feel where you hold tension. As you stretch there you help release this tension and with it, the emotion attached to it.

I am now my normal self and I feel good and energised. I have finished some of my tasks for the day and look forward to completing the rest. I am present and serene. And now I’m off to a playdate with my baby girl to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. 🙂

Whenever you feel like me this morning, take some time to sit with your breath and move with intention. I promise it will make you feel better!


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