Photo credit: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto

Whether during a company wellness event or as a regular activity offered to your employees, a nutrition & cooking class is a perfect team building activity that improves wellbeing and bonding at the workplace.

My unique combination of offering nutritional advise in the form of a lecture coupled with a practical, hands-on cooking and demonstration helps the participants not only to learn more about nutrition and its role in our health and wellbeing, but how to prepare nutritious meals and what to look out for when shopping and cooking.

Some examples of the topics covered during my corporate cooking classes include:

  • The importance of minerals in the body + cooking demonstration of mineral rich foods
  • Healthy eating for busy people + cooking demonstration for a quick and nutritious meal
  • Introduction to healthy eating + cooking demonstration of a healthy and delicious meal
Photo credit: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto

The classes are held at the company’s premises, and there is absolutely no need for an equipped kitchen for the cooking class (even though having a kitchen is of advantage). I have experience holding the classes in a conference room and they are just as entertaining and fun.

Offering wellness activities to your employees at your premises offers several advantages:

  • It adds value to the employees as it saves them travel time
  • It is offered during working hours (for example during lunch breaks) and thus guarantees higher participation and team building
  • It is directly perceived as an act of care towards the wellbeing of the employees at the workspace

Cooking together can cook up a great meal but also good ideas, stronger teams, and more innovation throughout the company.

Some of my references include:

  • Millicom International Cellular
  • European Stability Mechanism
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Schroder Investment Management
  • Amazon Luxembourg

For more information and booking contact me at hello[at] or through the contact form on my website.

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