In today’s episode of Holistic Living in Luxembourg, my guest Marise shares her expertise and gives valuable tips on how to best prepare and optimise the sacred time between preconception and pregnancy. Transitioning into parenthood can be challenging. Taking the time to consciously prepare for our transition as parents can bring us invaluable benefits. Marise also explains why this special time also offers a tremendous opportunity for self-growth and self-reflection.

About Marise Hyman

Through Heart-centered and holistic Coaching/Education, the “Birth into Being” method, the “Head-trash Clearance” method and movement, Marise guides truth-seekers wanting to birth the true versions of themselves to access their inner wisdom so they can be active players in the conscious evolution our planet is facing today. She also empowers families through “conscious conception”, pregnancy, birth and beyond so future generations can thrive. She is a Dancing for Birth™ instructor, Holistic Maternity Coach/Educator, trained Reiki Practitioner and founder + Birth Advocate (via the NGO Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl), with the knowing that we need to heal birth to heal the earth. You can find out more about Marise and her work on the two websites below:

Here is the list of questions covered in the video interview


  • What important aspects are often missed when we decide we’re ready to have a baby? 
  • You talk about conscious conception; can you elaborate further on that and explain why this is important?
  • How can we best prepare for the life-changing event of welcoming a baby and becoming parents?


  • Let’s talk about sleep. Why is it important to establish a healthy sleep hygiene during pregnancy? 
  • What are some of the important aspects we should focus on solving during pregnancy in order to have an easier transitional period after birth? 


  • The emotion charged aspect of giving birth. What can a pregnant woman do to shift her focus from a fear-based view on birth, associated with pain, towards a positive experience that can be empowering and ecstatic?  
  • Can you explain briefly what you’ve learned during your training for “Birth Into Being”? 
  • You are also an instructor in “Dancing for Birth”. What advantages can this practice bring to a future mom? How can this help to “find your tribe”? 
  • Let’s talk about birth rights, something that is oftentimes ignored altogether. Luxmama Club is working on the campaigns “choice to have a doula” and “choice to have a midwife”. Why is this so important to you and how can it benefit a birthing woman?


  • Can you share 5 tips on how a couple can prepare for its transition as parents? How can we best navigate all the emotional aspects that are an integral part of this journey? 

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