How can proper food combining help with digestion

30 Day Rejuvenation Program: On proper food combining
Think of the digestive system as resembling a flame. If you have a tiny flame then you have to treat it with great care. The fuel must be pure and fine and added slowly, or the fire will flicker and possibly falter.Avoiding specific food sesitivities (seee the list here in the previous post in this program) is the first step towards rebuilding back the digestive system. The next step is avoiding combinations of foods that are problems..

Welcome to the 30 Day Rejuvenation Program – WEEK 1

Welcome to the 30 Day Rejuvenation Program, where we will focus on improving our digestion and boosting our metabolism! You will find the meal plan for week 1, grocery shopping list and the recipes for the week.
So many people are used to feel heavy, bloated and constipated that we have come to accept these feelings as a normal part of daily life. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can feel more energize and lighter!

holistic pregnancy

You need these two things for your healthy habits to stick

The Plateful Nutrition Membership is now live and we’re starting this October!
What does it take to create a new habit that will improve your life? It’s mainly two things: CONSISTENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. These are the cornerstones of the membership. Each month we dive into a specific topic with theory and practical tools. Discover all the themes on the Membership page.

Balancing hormones: estrogen dominance

Estrogen is an important hormone for our reproductive health, and in females it helps control the menstrual cycle and is particularly important for childbearing. But estrogen has more functions than that. It also helps keep cholesterol in control and protects our bones. Whenever estrogen gets out of balance, we can suffer some unpleasant consequences.