Join wellness connoisseours, Vesela Savova (certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor) and Jessica Janusz (certified Yoga & Empowerment Retreat Teacher) for a half day workshop this Sunday on creating positive habits through what we feed ourselves both mentally and physically. If you’re ready to make changes that last in a way that is supportive, fun, and healthy then this is the time to take for you.

Tofu Bolognese

Pasta is a thing in our house. My daughter loves it, and I like it too as it can oftentimes be prepared fairly quickly – it’s a perfect option for a weekday meal or for when you are not sure what to serve your kids. You know they won’t say no to pasta! 🙂 As a nutritionist however, I also want to make sure I serve a meal that will nourish the body and will provide with essential nutrients.

Nutrition Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle + 4 Week Meal Plan

Oftentimes when I meet with clients and talk about nutrition and healthy eating I stumble onto a similar issue: that person feels stuck. This can feel like a mild annoyance or demotivation, but also can reach to a sense of loss of control over ones life, and a feeling of powerlessness.