photo 4Hi lovelies! After a busy last few months, I finally took a little holiday as I really felt the need to disconnect and recharge. I have been away for only a few days now, and it is incredible how quickly I am feeling the benefits! We are moving every two days or so to explore new places and experience different things in my beautiful home country – Bulgaria. I will write a detailed post on my travels as soon as I get back to Luxembourg.

I have noticed that it is not always easy to stay on track and keep eating healthy when on a holiday so this post is about how I try to stay healthy while on a vacation and some tricks and tips I am using. I would love to hear about any of your own tips on how to keep your diet on track while on vacation, so please do share! 🙂 So here are my tips:

1. Plan your meals ahead when travelling

I always have some healthy snacks with me when I am travelling for a couple of hours. I really don’t like it when I reach the airport hungry and have no other choice but to eat some of the fast food that is being offered there! It makes me feel heavy and bloated. So I have learned to take some healthy snacks with me that I can eat in the car, at the airport or on the airplane. I always have a banana, some dates or soaked almonds. They truly hit the spot for me and the best is they don’t need any preparation! I also like to prepare a salad or just some chopped veggies that I can easily eat when on the road.

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2. Stay hydrated

I always have water with me when travelling! This is actually more important than food in my opinion. You get even more dehydrated when you are on a plane, so drinking plenty of water is twice as important when flying.

3. Travelling to a destination with exotic cuisine? Probiotics are your best friends!

When I travel to a place with exotic cuisine and a different climate, I start taking probiotics a week before departure. I keep taking them throughout the entire duration of my stay. Why? Because I find they simply do miracles for proper digestion especially when you are away from your home and routine. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which help promote healthy digestion, and if you have a sensitive stomach Probiotics should really be considered when travelling.  Another option to make sure you get your healthy bacteria is by consuming fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut, and tempeh). Being in Bulgaria now, I simply eat pure yogurt every now and then which is a great local specialty.

4. Go for the local and seasonal fruits & vegetables 

At the moment I feel I’m in fruit & veggie heaven! It is August and here in Bulgaria so many delicious fruits & veggies are in season it is like a nature feast – tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, melon, peaches, figs….  simply divine in taste, ripened by the sun, and absolutely organic. I love going to the local markets here, you really feel so connected to nature when you buy your own fresh and RIPE produce. So, try to have as much as possible whole foods that are seasonal and local when abroad.

photo 25. When eating out – start with a salad and eat slowly

The biggest risk that can keep you off your healthy eating track while on holiday is overeating. My simple tip to beat this is – start with a salad and take your time eating. If you wonder what to eat when you’re out, just try to have a lot of veggies and lean proteins. Don’t eat too many carbs and certainly don’t eat too late. I know a vacation is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, but I believe when you feel good you will be able to enjoy your time better as well. I avoid going to a restaurant when I am starving simply because I would probably order something not so healthy, and would eat it quickly. Trust me, I have never thought after this: “Oh, I am so stuffed and bloated but I feel great!”. No, I just know I don’t like how I feel. So whenever I am about to make the same mistake again, I just think about that moment. It always works for me.


Holiday is all about celebrating and enjoying yourself. But if you have worked hard before your holiday on getting that bikini body or implementing a healthier diet, it just doesn’t make sense to throw all that good work away. Consistency is what brings results, and the above mentioned tips really do help to not only stay healthy on your holiday but to also feel your best!

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