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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful time during the holidays and have spent it with your loved ones! I would like to wish you lots of health for 2016. It is the most precious and important thing in our lives. When we are healthy we can be fit, happy  and vibrant. We can create and achieve anything we set our minds to. We all know this is true, and this is another reason why so many of us set health goals for their New Year’s Resolution.

The first step to become healthy is to take an honest look at our lifestyle and see which areas need improvement. This shouldn’t be an act of self-criticism and negativity, it should be seen as an opportunity to take charge of those areas and actively do something to improve them. It is through this realisation that we will get motivated to follow the steps that we then need to take. And here comes the difficult part – making changes to your well established routine. Let’s face it, we are all made out of habits, and breaking a habit can be very difficult. But it is not impossible. When it comes down to eating healthy there are many tricks you can use that will make this transition fun and easy.

This is the reason why I have decided to create a workshop on “How to Start Eating Healthily and Stay Healthy”. During the workshop you will learn some simple solutions on how to be healthier on a daily basis. I have teamed up with Nature Elements and they will host the workshop at their restaurant located “Am Garage” in Luxembourg.


New Year, New You. Health Food Workshop

Topics Covered:

  • Starting a healthy lifestyle (the different stages of the process)
  • What are cravings and how to beat them
  • Replacing cravings with healthy alternatives
  • Recipes demonstration & degustation


14.01.2016 (Thursday) from 18:30h until 20:30h


The event will take place as mentioned at Nature Elements at the following address:

Am Garage
70, Route d’Esch
1470 Luxembourg


The price for the workshop is 25 EUR per person. You can book your spot by sending an email to info@gogusto.lu.
There are only 25 spots for this event, so make sure you book early to secure yours. You can also find more information on Go Gusto’s Facebook Page.

I am excited to see you there, and to share some healthy goodness with you. You will also receive some cold-pressed juices from Go Gusto that you can consume on the spot or take home with you.

Wishing you a great week ahead and I look forward to seeing you on the 14th!


Founder of Go Gusto

Blogger at Cherryblueberry.com

Me and my hubby during our last workshop we did on juicing.
Me and my hubby during our last workshop we did on juicing.

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