Summer is coming to an end, but my august favourites are full with summer items. Since my summer holiday started only around middle of august, I have only had the chance to try the products you’ll find below recently. If you are still on a holiday, or are planning a sunny getaway already, you might find my august favourites helpful.  So let’s dive right in! 🙂

  1. Sunscreen

You can’t go on a summer holiday without a good sunscreen! As much as the sun is important for us, and can offer lots of beneficial and even healing properties, it can pose some serious dangers as well. This is why it is important to stay protected from the harmful UV rays. I am not going to get in detail about the harmful effects of unprotected sun exposure here, as the topic is too big for me to cover in a monthly favourites post. Instead I’ll quickly note that it is just as important what sunscreen we use. Many sunscreens don’t offer a good range of protection, contain plenty of chemicals (including oxybenzone, octisalate, octocrylene and others) which can pass through the skin, cause endocrine disruption and act as estrogenic interfering with hormonal processes in the body. A much safer option is to use natural, mineral-based sunscreens that are free from nano particles that can enter the body. I would definitely suggest that you always check the EWG website (link) and choose a sunscreen that has a rating of 1.

This year I chose the Suntegrity natural mineral sunscreen and I am very happy with it. It has good ingredients, protects really well, is easily applied (ok you need to rub a bit more but it does not leave white patches on your skin) and has a very pleasant citrusy scent from the citrus essential oils it contains.



As for my baby I went for the Badger Baby sunscreen and it worked great! My baby girl has a very light complexion, so I was very careful with keeping her protected and avoiding sunburn. She did not get any, and enjoyed some fun times in the water thanks to this sunscreen. Of course I also keep her covered and in the shade, and avoided going to the beach with her during the hottest time of day. Some sun exposure is really good for us, not to mention for vitamin D synthesis, so what I do is I let us soak up the sun in the early mornings and late afternoons without any sunscreen for 15-20 minutes, and then we stay in the shade.

  1. Favourite Book: Dark Matter

This was a good book to read during the holidays! It revolves around the notion of a multiverse. Only that the multiverse in this book seemed quite self-centred ;).

I still found it interesting and quite entertaining – a good light-hearted read for the light summer month of August. Without giving away too much I’ll say that the book is focused on the idea that there is a multiverse and that there are many different versions of us, and that we, in our life, are the best version of ourselves. It helps spark some interesting thoughts about life and the importance of choices we make at every moment.


  1.  Favourite Videos: Marie Forleo

This is a channel that I can binge watch! I love Marie Forleo, she has such a likable and down to earth personality and she always nails every topic she focuses on! Her videos are chock full with inspiring interviews, great tips on entrepreneurship, self-improvement and how to turn your dreams into a profitable reality. I highly recommend you to check out her channel, it is truly inspiring!

This is all for the month of August, it has been a slow but incredibly recharging and relaxing month. It is important to allow this down time and to just “do nothing” as a lot of ideas and creativity can come when we just relax and enjoy ourselves. I am ready for the month of September and I’m preparing lots of new things for you! One of them is my upcoming workshop that is all about plant-based proteins. You can get more info and register for it here.

Wishing you a great September! 🙂

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