spring detoxSpring is officially here!! The days are becoming longer and warmer and we see the sun more often. The trees are starting to blossom and everything becomes more alive and colorful. Spring is a reminder of a law that governs life on earth: that everything evolves in a cycle. It brings hope and positivity, that reminder of rebirth where everything comes back to life and the entire cycle starts all over again. For this reason a lot of people see the beginning of spring as a good mark to start a new beginning, to improve areas in their life and find a balance. I couldn’t agree more that spring is a great time to set new goals, to get rid of old things, to attempt to achieve new things and to consciously work on improvement.

If you want to use this time to improve as well,below you can find some areas you might want to work on, together with some tips on how to improve them.


Spring is already here, and summer is just around the corner. With the weather becoming warmer it’s time to start taking better care of our bodies. If you want to get that fit body for the summer, now is the time to start training. Going out for a jog is easier now, and will be much more fun than running on a cold, dark day. Whatever workout preferences you have, make sure you create a workout program now and follow it up! Consistency is king!

Spring is also a great time to detox your body. And by that I mean give your digestive system a little break and do a small fast to reset your system. I find a juice cleanse can do a wonderful job for that. If you want to do a 1 or 3 days juice detox program, you have to prepare your body for it, by avoiding meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods a few days before the actual juice detox starts. And this offers a great way to start the spring, as it will break your eating habits, will make you more conscious about the foods you are consuming and will make you shift towards healthier, whole foods, which will ultimately give positive results to the way you look and feel.

Don’t forget to breathe. Concentrate your mind on your breath for a few moments every day. This can do wonders with the way you feel and will help you be more relaxed and connected with yourself.


You think the above are too difficult? Well that all depends on your mindset and will-power.
The reality is we often go through our days on autopilot. Try to stop and think about what I just said and you will realize how so many things in your day have become routine. You don’t think about them – you just do them on autopilot. Try to challenge your mind. The body detox might very well challenge it. And trust me, challenging your mind might seem tedious, but it will bring some great results in your life!

Plan your nutrition, meals and workout. The way you look and feel is your responsibility. And just saying “I don’t have the time to eat right and work out” simply does not work. This is you shying away from responsibility! Next time you feel you are about to utter that same pointless excuse, think about whom you are saying this excuse to. Because the truth is nobody really cares how you eat and feel. It is YOU who does. So don’t disappoint yourself!

Feed your mind with positive thoughts. This is better than saying “get rid of negative thoughts”. Because if you think positive, there will be no room for negative thoughts. And that’s a pretty good mind detox right there!


Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. You clean your house from all the dust and dirt that have been accumulating in your house over the winter months, you open all windows and let the fresh air come in, you throw away all things, you no longer need, and that are taking valuable space.

Spring cleaning is actually a quite good example of the things you have to do for your body and mind too. Think about it while you are doing your home spring cleaning.


This one is somewhat difficult to do, as sometimes we cannot chose who we want to see and not. But, if you have “friends” that are influencing you negatively, that don’t make you feel good, that deprive you from your precious energy, think about cutting them out of your life (or at least reduce the amount of time you give them). Toxic relationships are unfortunately common and we just stay in them, quietly suffering, and feeling depleted. If you can indicate one such relationship in your life try to discuss it with that person, and explain to them how that relationship makes you feel. If the person does not want to make a change in their behavior, it is maybe time to say goodbye. And if you can’t say goodbye (the person is a colleague or a family member) then there is one thing you CAN do: stop paying attention to them and spend your energy on them. They feed themselves from your energy. If you decide to simply not make them a factor about the way you feel, you will see an improvement.


Yep, clean that wardrobe of yours! Spring is time to get rid of the winter clothes and prepare your spring and summer clothes in your wardrobe. A little shopping to change your look and get some spring clothes will be like a detox therapy 😉

3 Thoughts on “5 Tips For A Feel-Good Spring Detox”

  • I loved this post, and your blog! I’ve landed here pretty much by coincide (trying to find where to buy kale in Luxembourg, go figure) and I’ve now read all your posts!. It seems you’re in a pretty similar journey 😀

    Food is certainly an important aspect but it’s a 360 degree deal coz the mind can be more powerful than the body. So detox detox detox (from stress, toxic relationships, negative thoughts)!! Then, when complementing that with a healthy approach to food while moving your butty, glowing inside out is eeeeasy peasy 😉

    Great blog! Very inspirational to find things like this in Lux.

    All the very best for the future!

    • Hi Nuria!! I just read your comment! Have been pretty busy the last few weeks launching my business gogusto.lu and the blog kind of lost priority, but I promise not for long! I believe all is connected as well. Detoxing your body will ultimately lead to detoxing your mind… and the other way around! Happy to see there are so many like-minded people here in Luxembourg! 🙂 Keep in touch! x

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