It is hard to believe that Christmas is in less than a month! November came and went, I feel like time goes by faster towards the end of the year. Do you feel similar as well?

This month I have decided to start a monthly favourites, listing some new articles I use. I enjoy watching/reading about other people’s favourites as I always discover a new product or other item I could benefit of getting. I thought I could contribute to this as well, and maybe help you find the product you need. So without further ado, here are my November favourites:

1.Favourite book: The Conscious Parent 


Wether you are already a parent, or are thinking of becoming one, this book is a must read! It is not your typical parenting book, in fact it might be challenging the current parental paradigm. It doesn’t focus as much on how you should educate your child, but rather brings into light the work you need to do within yourself to become the best parent you can be, and as a result to have a happy child. It is a mutual parent-child relationship, and we learn as much (if not even more) from our children, as they do from us. I think I have highlights on almost every page.. This book is truly transformational and urges us to become more conscious on how we are raising our children.

2. Favourite cosmetics: Lumene Skin Tone Perfector 


A must have for me all around the year! I have discovered this item in summer, and have been using it since. It gives a soft glow and highlights the cheekbones. I love using it now in the cold and dark months, as it gives a sun-kissed look on my face, that makes my skin look fresher. I use it just after I apply my moisturiser in the morning for a nice finish.

3. Favourite cosmetics: Lavera – deodorant 


I have been trying different kinds of deodorants and even made my own for a while… It is a bit difficult to find one that does not contain any nasties and has an effective protection. This one is my favourite currently. I like it because it contains no aluminium salts or phthalates, is alcohol-free, and contains only natural ingredients. It has a pleasant scent and does not leave any white residues on the clothes. I do have to wait a bit for it to dry after I apply it, and it works against sweating. However I have been using it only for the past month, so I don’t know if it is as protective in summer, when one sweats more.

4. Favourite snack: Les Chocolats de Pauline


I discovered this chocolate recently and now I am crazy about it! First off, let me say this – this chocolate contains only two ingredients: cocoa and cane sugar! Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t have palm oil or soy lecithin, which you will find in the majority of other chocolates. The flavour is so delicate and yet full, and the saltiness just complements the richness of the chocolate. It melts in the mouth! A real treat if you ask me! The luxurious package of 70gr comes at a price of EUR 3,80, which is totally worth for what you are getting! There are other flavours as well, if you don’t like a salty crunch in your dark chocolate.

5. Favourite show: The Crown 

This is a binge-watching show. We finished the first season within days! This show is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding to the present day, and the first season depicts the period between 1947-1955. The captivating story and really good acting will transport you to this interesting period in English history. I particularly enjoyed watching the great performance of John Lithgow as Churchill! Looking forward to season two!

So those are my favourites for November, I would love for you to share yours with me in the comments! 🙂

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