It’s time for the monthly favourites again! January always feels like a long month. I wonder if it is because it is the first month of the year and we start it determined to accomplish our goals and see some positive results. 😉

I have discovered some yummy snacks this month, and a really nice kitchen item has finally made it to my favourites list too. So let’s get started!

fullsizerender_31.Favourite kitchen item: Russel Hobbs Filter Kettle 

To be honest I have been using this kettle for the past few months, but I have to share it with you, because it is an ongoing favourite of mine. I drink lots of tea, so having a kettle is a must. I also filter my water, and use Brita filters to do so. This kettle is perfect because it lets me do both things simultaneously! It filters and boils my water at the same time. It is great because it is a time saver (huge plus for me!). I like that it has this nice blue light that goes on while your water is boiling, and that its transparent, so you can always see how much water you have in the kettle. Only minus is that it is made of plastic, not glas, but I am very happy with the kettle overall.

fullsizerender2. Favourite baby item: Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier 

I’m sharing just one baby favourite with you, as I don’t want to bore the ones of you that don’t have children. Otherwise I could make a separate baby favourite post, because there are just too many things to share! Let me know if you would like me to post a baby favourite list. I had to share this, because since I have been using the Baby Bjorn my life got so much better! Before that I used an Ergobaby carrier, which worked fine the first few months, but as Raya got bigger and heavier, I started to notice that carrying her gives me backache and just feels uncomfortable for a long period of time. Well, with Baby Bjorn the baby weight is distributed much better along your entire back and hips, and not just on your upper back! I can carry her in this thing all day and I feel great! No need to mention that she loves it too! 🙂 It is just my personal opinion but if I had to choose between those two carriers, I said my truth here! 🙂

3. Favourite App: WordSwag

I like to use Instagram and sometimes like to add text on my pictures. I really like this app, because it has so many different fonts to choose from. If you like hand-lettering, but you’re not so good at it, this app will give you a few hand-lettered font options too. It is fun to use, and also comes with some pre-set pictures on which you can put your text.

fullsizerender_14. Favourite snack: Rapunzel Dried Figs

Figs are one of my favourite fruit out there! I like them fresh and juicy, but will eat them dry in the winter. Dried figs are super nutritious, and provide you with good fiber and minerals. They are actually a really good source of calcium (one dried fig provides 3% of your daily calcium requirement). I like the dried figs from Rapunzel because they are natural and do not contain sulphur. A lot of dried fruit do contain sulphur, so make sure you check the packaging.

fullsizerender_45. Favourite breakfast: Rapunzel Ayurveda Porridge 

I tried this porridge by chance and I really liked it. The flavour is really nice, and all the spices are well rounded. I like the hint of coconut too. It is a great breakfast choice for when you have no time in the morning. I just mix it with hot rice milk and its good to go. I like to top it up with an apple or banana, or I eat it plain. It is good enough as it is.

What were your favourite items for January? I’d love to hear from you! 


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