The month of October is known for many programs that reinforce the letting go of unhealthy habits and routines that no longer serve us for the better (think about the smoke-free campaigns that are so popular in October for example).

I think this is really a great month to start a new habit or to change a routine. As the seasons are changing, and we see nature letting go and preparing for the new (just how effortlessly and graceful are the leaves falling from the trees?!) the beautiful surroundings offer a great example and motivation for us to let go of what is no longer needed and build something better and new.

And we have to start with our habits. If you take a moment and mentally run through a typical day of yours you will notice just how much of your day consists of habits, of routines that are always the same and that you do almost automatically. Is there anything that you do every day that you think no longer serves you, or you could do better? Then maybe it is time to work on changing that habit.

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This month I have been focusing on a few habits that I want to change in my life.

The first one is my reliance on coffee each morning to get me through the day. I knew this would be a difficult thing to change, as my baby is currently cutting four molars and she needs some extra comfort in the night. This means interrupted sleep for me, and no proper rest. So I would compensate that with coffee in the morning, which is really not optimal for my adrenals. I decided I have to make a change here and declared that I’m going to end my dependency on coffee to give me energy in the morning. And so at the beginning of October I have stopped drinking coffee and any other caffeinated beverages. I was worried that I won’t make it, but here I am 17 days later and I have to tell you that I actually already feel better than before! It hasn’t been easy, especially the first few days, but honestly it was easier than what I anticipated! 

So what exactly did I do?

Well, I read a few books about how habits are formed and I applied the principles that I found most logical to my situation. Interestingly enough this has allowed me to still enjoy my mornings even without coffee, and get my energy boost from other, healthier sources.

Quitting coffee has allowed me to realize that a big percentage of my coffee dependence was also psychological, not just physical. I am currently drinking chicory “coffee” in the morning that I prepare the same way as I used to prepare my coffee, and I honestly don’t miss or crave coffee at this point. I am not claiming I will never drink coffee again, but I am giving my body time (1 month) of complete abstinence. After that I might enjoy the occasional cup when out and about, but drinking coffee will no longer be part of my daily routine. And most importantly, it won’t be something I have to have in order to be a functioning being in the morning! 😉

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that we all have things to work on and let go of. And it can all happen in a gentler and more sustainable way once you learn a few things about how habits are formed.

There is no better time to change a habit and improve your quality of life than right now! This is why I decided to host a workshop on building healthy eating habits where I will share what I have learned about habits and how we can change them. We will focus on how to build healthier eating habits, but the content is really applicable to any kind of habit, as the process is the same. You can find more information about the workshop in this link, where you can also register to join the workshop.

What are some of the habits you would like to change? Have you already successfully changed a habit and how did you experience the transitioning process?


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