It’s time for the monthly favourites again!¬†December felt like a long month for me. I only started to realise that it’s already January a few days ago, so I guess that adds to this feeling too. ūüôā My family was over for Christmas and New Years and it felt good to be surrounded by them, and to have some time for myself as well. I used the holidays to recharge and connect with myself, and this downtime really energised me and offered me a great start to the new year.

Today I will¬†share with you a few items I really liked using in December*. So let’s get started, shall we?

1.Favourite item: Oak Leaf Essential Oil Diffuser 

dec-favI have always liked using essential oils, but since Raya’s been born I use them more, as I pay even more attention to the ingredients in perfumes and room scent diffusers. I stay away from harmful ingredients and alcohol, that can often be contained in perfumes and deodorants. I love this diffuser, because it looks great, and it also works as humidifier. Another plus point for people with babies ;). It has different lights that you can set to either change automatically or you can select a particular colour. So it also works great as a night light! It runs quietly and if the water evaporates while still running, it will shut down automatically, so you don’t have to worry. It is really relaxing to watch as the colours change, and adding some essential oils to the water will make your house smell great! Great choice if you’re into aromatherapy as well.

2. Favourite scent: Jasmine Bergamot 

dec-fav-1As already mentioned I’m quite into essential oils¬†recently. I have three scents at home, that are considered safe around babies – lemon grass, lavender and jasmine bergamot. I don’t use them on her skin, just in the oil diffuser and in some of my home made cosmetics and cleaning products. I really like the smell of Jasmin Bergamot. It is very uplifting and energising. I personally find the scent invigorating after a night with less sleep. The¬†slightly sweet and fresh scent of this essential oil creates a good mood in an instant.


3. Favourite drink: Knoppes Coffee

dec-fav-2Talking about nights with less sleep… as Raya is going through a period of sleep regression, this coffee is my saviour! I love Knoppes, in my opinion they have the best coffee in Luxembourg! I have recently gotten a coffee bean grinder and trust me when I say that there is nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning! This coffee is particularly good if you make it filtered! It’s a mandatory part in my morning routine these days..

4. Favourite cosmetics: Lumene Bright Now Day Cream

dec-fav4You might have already noticed in my November favourites that Lumene is my favourite skin care brand at the moment. I love the ingredients, the fact that it’s cruelty free, and I see visible results of applying their products on my face. This cream is light and absorbs quickly in the skin. It leaves a certain glow after you apply it, hence the name. ūüėČ I also has a 15 SPF, which is important for the health of the gentle skin on your face.

5. Favourite Show: Planet Earth II

dec-fav3This one is an absolute must watch! Filled with too many incredible shots and beauty, this documentary will make you appreciate the planet we live on so much more! The four sections of this DVD cover the Islands, Mountains, Jungles and Deserts. You will remain in awe the entire time, and the enjoyable narration by David Attenborough will add to an incredible experience.

I hope you enjoyed my December favourites! What were your favourites this past month? I’d love for you to share them with me!

*I am not receiving any incentives for the items I have shared in this post. These are just items that I have found useful in my life and that have been beneficial for me.  

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