Some of you might already know about the recent changes in my life, as I have sent out a newsletter to our Go Gusto clients a little while ago to inform you.

Now I would like to share this with the rest of you, since I still get calls and questions, so I decided to write this post and put it all out there!

In the past few months my life has changed in almost every aspect. The biggest event was that I got pregnant, which has changed already so much about how I view my life. It has transformed a lot of my understandings of human nature and has simply put me in a state of awe of how magical human life is. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring a soul into this world, and to have a little baby that has chosen me to be her mom!

Taken a few weeks ago, when I was 24 weeks pregnant

My pregnancy has been really amazing so far, I have just entered the third trimester and I am feeling great! Thankfully I haven’t experienced any nausea during the first trimester, I was just a bit more tired than usual, but as I entered the second trimester I felt just like before. Now that the bump is starting to show, it feels more and more real, and I am so excited to welcome our little bubba into this world! I attribute a big part of how I am feeling while pregnant to the food that I am eating. I will dedicate a few posts to food during pregnancy soon. If there is anything else you would like me to share or write related to pregnancy, please let me know in the comments below.

The other news that is related to the pregnancy is that I am no longer involved with Go Gusto, the cold-pressed juice company I started over 2 years ago. It has been a difficult decision, as I consider Go Gusto my first baby in a way, and I have spent so much energy and love into creating and building the business. It was hard to let go. But deep inside I knew I had to make a choice, as running the business to the best of my ability and taking care of a newborn didn’t seem like a feasible task. I sensed that I wouldn’t be able to give it the attention/time it requires. Therefore I have handed over “the reins” of Go Gusto since the beginning of March to Ivica Jurikova – the new managing director of Go Gusto, and I am sure she will do a great job, as she is also very passionate about juicing and smoothies. It has been a tough decision and the months leading up to this have not been easy, but now I know it was the right decision for me. I will now focus more on the blog and on further/deeper studies. I will complete another nutrition course that will be focused on plant-based nutrition and I am looking forward to starting it soon! So please keep in touch with me here on the blog, as it will be my primary communication medium. I am also planning to do another cooking workshop in May, so stay tuned for the date and registration details that I will share here soon.

Much love,


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  • Hi,

    Congratulations (again!). It is a surprise to read about your move from Go Gusto but reassuring to see that you have evaluated your life and do not consider yourself ‘Superwoman’ despite appearances; I think it is the REAL super women who are able to make hard decisions knowing that they are the right ones for themselves and their families instead of trying to carry on with what is expected of them by the western culture.

    Based on when I was pregnant, tips on dealing with nausea (I know you didn’t experience it but you may still have the knowledge) and the lack of energy while still working and everything else would be really useful (there must be better ways than a daily Mars bar!). I found I felt nauseous when I needed to eat, so grazed constantly to prevent it as well as eating my normal meals.

    Looking at when baby has arrived tips on dealing with the lack of energy due to the lack of sleep would be really useful too (my son is 2 years 5 months and does not sleep all night – sleep training is a no-no for us!) as well as diet tips for the breastfeeding mums (it may not affect baby nutrition but it affects the mums’ energy and moods!) as well as all busy mums.


    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much! 🙂 I agree, it is important to follow your heart and intuition and be realistic about how much you can actually do by yourself.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I will dedicate a post about nausea and lack of energy during pregnancy, the latter can definitely be improved by good nutrition! I will write more about post natal tips, as soon I as I gain experience about them too. 🙂

      Much love,

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