Some of you might know that recently I was on a holiday in Italy with my family. I shared lots of updates about our trip on my Instagram stories :).

The beautiful beach of Monterosso al mare

We haven’t been to Italy in the past few years and so I felt happy to be back. I lived in Genoa and Milan for three years in my early twenties and I was really excited to show my husband and daughter some of my favourite places there.

There was fresh fruit everywhere, so our snacks were simple and easy.

It was literally a trip down memory line for me, especially the days we spent in Genoa. Many memories resurfaced that I have not thought about in the past ten years and this quick revisiting reminded me of what a long way I’ve come. I laughed with my husband while telling him stories about some of the silly and some of the really bold things I’ve done. Indeed, it is true when they say that our twenties are meant for us to explore, dare to take chances and risks and find out who we truly are and what we want to do. On the second day I felt many emotions bubbling up as I strolled down the unchanged streets yet realised how much I have changed from who I used to be back then. So this invited a more intimate trip inwards which was quite revealing. All in all I can say it was a very fulfilling trip.

It was a great trip and our daughter enjoyed it a lot!

Besides some of the deeper insights that I will spare you, I also really savoured in the beautiful scenery, the salty smell of the sea and the sweet scent of jasmine, which was in full bloom when we arrived. To top it all up we also indulged our scenes with delicious food. The one thing that I love about Italian cuisine is that you can experience so much joy and flavour from very simple dishes. Of course, we ate the traditional pesto alla Genovese, we had some fresh seafood and plenty of delicious vegetables and salad. It was all simple and so delicious!

A snap of one of our dinners: pici all’aglione (traditional Tuscan pasta with sauce of fresh tomatoes and a special sort of garlic which is big in size but has a more delicate and mild flavor), grilled vegetables and fresh salad.

However, overindulging in food can bring the opposite of the feelings I just described. It can weigh us down, it can make us feel tired and heavy and it can literally steal the fun out of a holiday. While I allow myself to eat things I usually don’t when on a holiday, I really pay attention to how my body reacts to them. We have a principle of sampling rather than feasting when on a vacation. This means, we enjoy local food, because one of the joys of travelling for me is to experience local flavors, but we don’t overdo it.

I have prepared a short video for you where I share 5 tips on how to enjoy food when on a vacation without sabotaging your goals which you can watch below.

In this video I share 5 simple tips on how to eat healthy when on vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

These are some of the things we did and I truly think they make a difference. Tuning in with your body, taking the time to eat and to listen to the signals your body is sending you really will help you make better choices when eating out.


Gluttony on vacation is something many don’t discuss but that many do experience. Remember, vacations are times to take a rest, to get out of your usual routine and enjoy yourself. It is not a time to feel restricted but to honour and celebrate your body, and this also means, to make better choices for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

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