Hello everyone and happy April! I hope you are enjoying the warmer days and are spending more time outside in the sun!

Today I am sharing with you my March favourites.* To be honest I didn’t really get anything new this month, but those are a few things that I use regularly and are my long-time favourites, if I can say so. ūüôā So let’s get started.

1.Favourite Book: Gut: The Inside story of our body’s most underrated organ, by Julia Enders¬†¬†

I read this book for the first time over a year ago and I loved it! I’m currently rereading it, and that’s why I thought of putting it in my favourite list. It is such an informative book, very easy to read too. Something that I cannot say about some other books on this subject. We now know how important the human microbiota is for our health, and this book will give you a great insight¬†into this interesting and important subject for our health. It is very entertaining and detailed. Reading this book got me hooked on the topic of the gut and since reading it I have completed a course with the University of Colorado Boulder on the human gut and microbiome.¬†¬†I recommend it to anyone interested in health and nutrition.

2. Favourite Snack: Nux Nut Spreads

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this company until now! Nux is a local company that produces organic nut butters. They are all original and tasty, and the blends of flavours of each spread are so well balanced and totally addictive! Currently I’m going crazy over the Cashew Dream spread. I love the combination of roasted cashews and coconut! I use it on my toast, in my smoothies, or I just eat a spoonful just like that, because it’s that good! I have been craving more dense food lately, that is richer in fat, so this is perfect for me right now! I’m also a fan of their almond butter, which is delicious.

3. Favourite App: Cronometer

As a nursing mom I am really paying attention to the food I eat and it’s important to me that I get enough¬†nutrients to keep me energised and help me produce nutrient-dense milk for my baby. I like using this app as it gives a good overview over the nutrients you get from the food you eat. Here is how it works: you sign up and give your data, so that the program can calculate how many calories and nutrients you need depending on your situation. You can also set targets for particular nutrients, if you know you need to pay special attention to them. I have set for me iron, calcium, folic acid, zinc and fiber. By tracking your food this way, you also learn what nutrients different foods contain. It’s a fun tool to use as a reference, but you shouldn’t get too consumed by it either.

*I am not receiving any incentives for the items I have shared in this post. These are just items that I have found useful in my life and that have been beneficial for me. 

What were your favourite items last month? I’d love to hear from you too!¬†

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