Hello my friends! As July is slowly coming to an end I decided to combine my favourites for the past two months in one post. There are not many items anyways, just a few things that I have been using/eating often lately and my experiences with them.

 1. Jade Roller 

I got this jade roller in June to use as part of my evening rituals and I really like it. I feel how the skin circulation on my face has improved and realised just how deprived my face was of some massaging. Rolling the jade stone on your face (always in an upward motion!) is super easy and it feels very relaxing and cooling to the facial muscles. Jade rollers have been around for a while and certainly are quite popular amongst the beauty experts. It is said that it can prevent wrinkles and puffiness. What I like about it is the feel-good, cold massage it offers for my face. I like keeping my jade roller in the fridge and use it in the evenings after I apply my serum and moisturiser. The feeling I get after I start rolling it on my face is firmness of my skin and slight redness from the boosted circulation. It feels so good! Whether it really has healing properties is another matter, but it is a great tool to improve the skin circulation, which by itself offers a lot of beauty advantages. It is also a very calming, and loving ritual, in my opinion, so I do recommend you trying it.

2. Baltic amber anklet 

As my baby started teething she became more fussy and was waking up every two hours every night all throughout the month of June (zombie mama here!). I was wondering what homeopathic remedies for teething I could use, to help her with the discomfort she was experiencing. I used teething toys with iris root (which kind of worked for a while), chamomile, and this amber teething anklet, before we moved to topical pain relief. I got this one with a lot of hope, as it’s said that amber can have a calming and soothing effect, and provide pain relief to teething babies. Well, I hate to disappoint you, and surely was very disappointed myself, but it doesn’t work! At least it does not work for my baby. I got her an anklet instead of a necklace for safety reasons, and she loves to wear it. And the only reason I have put it on my favourites is because it looks so darn cute. But it’s nothing more than that – cute baby jewelry! 😉

3. Magnesium Spray 

Can’t you tell I’m taking my night routine seriously?! 🙂 I have started using a magnesium spray before bed, as it is an excellent source of magnesium and it helps relax the muscles. It is calming and helps get a restful sleep (even if just for a few hours, but hey, we’re talking quality over quantity here ;)). This one is also enhanced with essential oils to further relax and sooth you before you slip under the covers. Magnesium is a mineral many of us might be deficient in, so using a spray like this will increase your magnesium levels, which on the other hand can help with better calcium absorption and better joint and muscle health. It is also good for the skin.

4. Oatly Calcium – fortified oat milk

Now to my favourite plant-based milk! I use this every day in my breakfast bowls, smoothies, and lattes. I love the taste of it, and best of all – it froths perfectly, and makes for deliciously fluffy lattes! Oatly has a few different oat milk flavours too, such as chocolate and vanilla. Although I like their chocolate flavoured milk, I don’t use it, as they sweeten it with agave – a no-go for me. Agave is super processed and high in fructose, and should not be part of your diet, no matter how trendy amongst the “health folks” it might seem. Plus, getting a calcium-fortified oat milk makes it much easier to meet your daily calcium requirements.

5. Watermelon 

Isn’t this just the perfect fruit for summer? Juicy, sweet and refreshing… Even if we can argue that it’s summer over here in Luxembourg, I have been indulging in watermelon for the past two weeks. It is one of my favourite fruits! Watermelons contain an antioxidant, called lycopene – a carotenoid phytonutrient that is particularly important for our cardiovascular and bone health. This big, juicy fruit contains antioxidants that help protect your body from free radical damage, and is a great food to eat after a workout, as it helps prevent muscle soreness.

And so these are my monthly favourites, I hope you found them useful! What are some of your favourite items you use on a daily basis? 



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