We are in the middle of summer and its the height of BBQ season! And I totally get it. It is a nice thing to do with friends outdoors, and share a good meal together. But if you have a friend over, who doesn’t eat meat, or you yourself don’t eat meat, but don’t want to miss out on a good grilling session, things can get a little tricky. And as much as I love veggie  skewers on a grill, sometimes they are simply not enough. Don’t you feel amazing when you hold a burger tightly in your hands, so that none of the amazing toppings fall out, and take a big, messy bite?! It is part of the process to get messy while eating a burger and indulge in all the flavoursome ingredients. And lots of people think this “burger privilege” is reserved only for meat-eatersWell, I couldn’t disagree more! You can get this gratification from a meat-free and nutritious veggie burger as well.

I have been experimenting and searching for a good veggie burger recipe for quite a while. I have tried many different recipes – with chickpeas, potatoes, veggies and more, but there was always something that did not feel quite right. Either the texture was off, the flavour was lacking, or the consistency was so fragile that too often my burgers would start breaking down as soon as I would put them on the grill. So I found myself on a mission to come up with a recipe for a burger that would look good, and stay together while grilling, and most importantly: taste great!

Photos by Linda Dieschbourg & David Mourato
Photos by Linda Dieschbourg & David Mourato

I don’t eat cheese, so having a patty, that is rich in flavour is very important for me to enjoy a burger. So I started experimenting with different flavours. This recipe is going to leave you full and will provide you with a lot of nutrition. The three main ingredients for this burger are beetroot (rich in folate, manganese and vitamin C), lentils (rich in fiber, protein, and iron) and brown rice (rich in manganese, and some more protein and fiber).

Photos by Linda Dieschbourg & David Mourato

Get the full recipe on Orla Collective’s blog, where you can find my original blog post for this delicious veggie burger.


Photo credits: Linda & David

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