I can’t believe it is already May! This year is going by way too fast, don’t you agree?

In the past month I have discovered some new items, that I am excited to share with you, and I have revisited some old ones, that I think are worth to mention too. So here are my April favourites!

1.Favourite Supplement: Sun warrior Protein Powder

I like to add some protein powder to my afternoon smoothies and I just love this powder! As you can see I have two packs that are a bit different. The vanilla protein powder is made from sprouted and fermented brown rice, has a vanilla flavour and is sweetened with stevia. I find it a great option for when you are making a plain smoothie and want to add a bit more flavour. It is sweet, but not as sweet as the Vega Protein Powder. It is also a great source of iron (a portion gives you 15g which is about 80% of the RDA)! I also like the other blend, which doesn’t have flavour and is not sweetened. I don’t find it too chalky and it goes really well in my green smoothies. The blend is made from sprouted pea and hemp, coconut and goji berries and a portion gives you 20g of complete, plant-based protein. It also contains iron and some calcium. I like those blends because of the ingredients, the fact that they are sprouted and the flavour (not as sweet as Vega, and not as chalky as other protein powders out there).



2. Favourite Snack: Ombar Raw Chocolate – Dark Coconut (60%)

I am shamelessly sharing just the package of this chocolate, because the truth is this chocolate can not stay around me for too long! 😛 There are so many things I like about this chocolate! First, it is made with raw cacao, which is rich in flavonoids, and they provide us with lots of health benefits (reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure). Raw cacao is a good source of magnesium and manganese, which help keep our energy level stable. The chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar, which is a much better choice than refined sugar or agave! It is a probiotic, as it contains live bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus). You might have heard by now how important our gut flora is to our health. There is more and more research emerging on this topic. Eating fermented foods is a great way to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. And now to the best part – flavour! I love the flavour of this chocolate. It is dairy free, but the coconut cream makes it oh so creamy! It is so good, I honestly think I am getting a bit addicted to it! 🙂



3. Favourite Book – The four agreements 

I read this book a year ago and it struck me with its simplicity and profoundness. It is a transformational book that can help us improve ourselves and how we communicate with others. Last month I listened to the Audible version of it again, while driving around, and it got me so motivated to become better with the way I speak. Basically the book describes four basic agreements, which are

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

It is a fun and easy read, and one that can truly transform you. The principles sound easy to apply but as you become more mindful of your everyday actions you will notice that it is much harder that it seems. It is a great challenge though, one that I invite you to try!


4. Favourite Clothing – Lorna Jane Leggings 

Lately all I want to wear is comfortable clothes, jeggings and leggings are my favourites, but anything stretchy will do! Mom life can’t get any more cliché! I love Lorna Jane leggings, because they are so comfortable but also provide a nice support where it’s needed. I like the design and material of them, they are light and breathable. I love practicing yoga in them, but I will also wear them when I am running errands.







What were your favourite items last month? I’d love to hear from you too! 

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