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Summer is here and with it the time to go on a relaxing holiday and get some sun, fun and rest. There are many articles outlining how to get in shape for that summer holiday, but then what do you do once you’re on a holiday? It can be difficult to eat healthy while on the road and many of us fall back to not-so-healthy compromises during the holiday. I have been there. Personally, the trade off is not worth it, as the last thing I want is to feel bloated and heavy on a holiday. So for me, eating healthy while travelling is important. It takes a bit of planning ahead but it can be done, and it is so worth it. Below I am sharing my top 5 tips that I have found make a huge difference when I go on a holiday.

  1. Stock up on food for the journey

Depending on how long I travel I always carry little snacks with me for the road. This guarantees that whenever I get hungry I will have a healthy snack on hand, one that doesn’t make me feel bloated or heavy, and one that will provide me with nutrients and not just empty calories. Now that we often travel with our toddler, packing snacks for the road is mandatory anyways, so I make sure we’re all covered. My favorite snacks for the road include:

  • Fresh fruits (bananas, apples, cut up pineapple, and dates)
  • A big batch of smoothie
  • Healthy energy bars (if I can, I make my own, otherwise we all like Roobar)
  • Cut up veggies with a side of lemon dressing for a quick salad on the go
  • Sourdough bread with almond butter
  1. When choosing accommodation, look for one with kitchen amenities
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If you are away for a few days, having your own kitchen makes it much more likely you will make healthy choices. I always select accommodation that has a kitchen, because cooking my own meals is the best thing I can do to guarantee I am making healthy choices. Now, I get it, nobody wants to slave away in the kitchen while on a holiday, and I am not recommending that. But having a place where you can prepare your own breakfast or lunch can be of a huge advantage. I personally love preparing simple and easy meals, and having a kitchen to do so makes my holiday more relaxed and enjoyable. It also gives me a chance to stroll at a local farmers market and buy and prepare some fresh, local food. If your accommodation doesn’t have kitchen, then make sure you take a mini blender with you (something I always try to have with me). This way you can always prepare yourself a smoothie first thing in the morning and get some nutrients in your body to be ready for a day full of activities.

  1. Make smart choices when eating out

Travelling suggests you will be eating out more often, so the choices you make at a restaurant are important. Often times a dish may seem healthy, but it could be far from it. I am referring to the sauces and dressings in restaurants. Most of the time they are made to enhance the flavor of the dish, but unfortunately are not so healthy. Keep it simple. Start with a salad to make sure you get more veggies in your system. Ask for a dressing on the side, or skip it altogether and add some lemon juice and olive oil on the salad yourself. This way you control how much fat goes into your food. 🙂 Pace yourself and don’t overindulge.

  1. Stay hydrated


Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go to make sure you’re not dehydrated. What you choose to drink also makes an impact on how you feel. Carbonated beverages can leave you feel bloated; soda and alcohol are in fact liquid calories and are to be avoided if you want to feel your best. Now, I get that drinking alcohol comes in the picture while you’re on a holiday and I’m not here to tell you to not drink anything. Just be mindful. And if you decide to drink, than make sure you always drink plenty of water as well to stay hydrated and avoid a headache the next morning. 😉

  1. Relax and enjoy yourself
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Finally, I want to remind you to enjoy yourself while you’re travelling. In the end if eating healthy is creating too much stress for you, this in itself is not healthy. Plan ahead to take your worry away and to know you have some healthy options. And if so it happens that there is a meal where there are no options that fit into your criteria, than accept that as well. The most important thing you can do when travelling is not to stress about food imperfection. Don’t forget that stress is directly related to digestive health. If you stress about making healthy choices all the time, then even if you eat the most nourishing food you can find, your body is not digesting and absorbing it properly. Let go of perfectionism and give yourself the permission to enjoy yourself.




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