Welcome to the second interview in the series of interviews, called Holistic Living in Luxembourg, where I interview experts in the field of holistic health and wellbeing in Luxembourg.

The idea behind these videos is to create a library of the small businesses here in Luxembourg that are active in the field of holistic living, so that you can find what you need in one place.

I hope that the content will be of use for you, just as it has been incredibly useful to me, as I have learned a lot of things already from the people I have interviewed. I also hope that through these videos I can help my guests reach more people that can benefit from their services.

I am creating this content purely with the intention to bring value to you. If you do find it helpful, I would be grateful to hear your feedback. 🙂

Today my guest is Federica from www.reikiwithfederica.com and here is the line-up of the questions I asked her in this interview:

1. What is Reiki?

2. How can you describe Reiki energy?

3. How is a Reiki treatment given? Is it safe?

4. How can Reiki make us be healthier and have a more positive attitude in life? Can it help with specific health issues?

5. How has your life changed ever since Reiki came into your life?

6. Does Reiki really work? How can you convince someone with doubts about it?

7. What are your observations from treating animals with Reiki?

8. How can you dissolve energy blockages with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

9. Can you share a simple Reiki exercise that we can try on our own in order to feel its benefits?

Click below to watch the full video. 

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