Omega-3s: are you getting enough of this essential nutrient?

Let’s talk about the importance of omega-3s in children’s diet. We know that these fats are important for our health, but are we getting enough of this nutrient? Omega-3s have many health benefits for every age group – they are an important component for a healthy pregnancy, and they offer many benefits for people of old age.

Homemade ice cream your entire family will love

As a nutritionist my interest in offering healthy food for children of course grew with my daughter. And so, I dug deeper in learning about how to offer nutritious foods that young children will eat. My daughter was not only cooperative and very willing to help with cooking, but she also started showing a growing interest in food as we created our little daily routine of cooking together. She would “slice” veggies with her children’s knife, or rinse the salad; she would mix the bowl and add some spices to a curry. It is always fun and further fosters our bonding.

Should you change your diet before trying for a baby?

It is known that nutrition during pregnancy is an important aspect in the magical creation of life. You can improve your chances of getting pregnant and give your baby the best start in life by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle before the baby is conceived. The interesting field of epigenetics shows that our environment can influence the expression of our genes

Kid-friendly muffins with fruit and veggies

It is key to lay the right foundation and relationship with food from an early age. Our children will quickly learn to gravitate towards healthier food and choose it when we serve it at home, because they will have established a positive connection with it. I am not saying they won’t like sweets (let’s be real), but it is much easier to keep a healthy balance without difficulties.

The importance of iron in a child’s diet

Many parents are worried that their children are not getting enough nutrients. Iron is a nutrient that is often mentioned and there can be a lot of confusion regarding its best sources and absorbability. In this article we’ll clarify why iron is important in our children’s diet, what factors improve its absorbability and which foods are good sources of this important mineral. I am also including an exemplary meal plan for a child at the end of the article.