2018.02.21: Is Fat The Enemy?

Over the last 40 years the “public enemy number one” of food has been fat.

Have you been avoiding fat in your diet? You’re not alone.

We spent a lot of money on low-fat products, try special diets and cookbooks to be healthy or lose weight.

But you need to think of fat as a valuable nutrient that is not only important, but also essential in your diet. Some fats are vital for mental health. The amount and type of fat you consume has a profound effect on how you think and feel. This is because the brain and nervous system are dependent on a family of fats.

What types of fat should you be consuming? Is it possible that you are eating plenty of fat and are still “fat-deficient”? Are there certain fats that can actually help prevent disease and promote weight loss? And lastly, how much fat do you really need?

I will answer to all these questions and more during this workshop.

You will leave with a full understanding about the importance of fat for your health, as well as which fats you should consume and which you should avoid.

You will also receive a handout summarizing all the information from the workshop and including a list of foods that are a source of healthy fats.

There will be a recipe demonstration and tasting, where I will prepare two meals that provide with a rich source of whole, healthy fats. I will also cover the “smoking point” of various cooking oils & fats.

I have teamed up with Nature Elements in Howald for this workshop and they will as usual provide the organic and fair-trade ingredients for the recipe demonstration.

As spaces are limited, make sure you reserve your place on time. I look forward to seeing you!