Looking for a healthy meal plan to start off the New Year? This 4-week nutrition and cooking program will help you build healthy habits that will last a lifetime!


Starting this January 7th! Join Vesela Savova Drews, CHN for a LIVE 4-week course and learn how to prepare nutritious food quickly and how to support your health and wellness goals with nutrition.

Registrations open until January 3rd!

By the end of this program, you will have mastered:

  • Preparing healthy meals in under 30 minutes
  • Creating balanced and nourishing meals
  • Foundations of batch meal preparation
  • How to use your kitchen with confidence to cook for yourself and your loved ones
  • How to combine ingredients to boost the nutritional value of your meal
  • Establishing routines to reach your goals
  • The foods that help improve metabolism, hormonal health and performance
  • How to listen to your body and intuition.

This is not another “New Year, New Me” program! This is not a diet course! This course is designed to nourish and motivate you and to give you simple steps to make healthy eating a SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE part of your everyday life. If you’re looking for a healthy meal plan for 2023, this is it!

Do you see yourself in the statements below?

  • You want to eat better but don’t know where to start.
  • You struggle with finding motivation and inspiration when it comes to eating healthy.
  • You lack time and ideas for nourishing meals.
  • You’re afraid eating healthy is expensive, time consuming and unsatisfying.
  • You need a little motivation and support to get back on track with your healthy habits.
  • You want to learn how to support your health and wellness goals through good nutrition.

If yes, then this program is for you!

In just a month’s time I will prove to you that healthy food can be budget-friendly, that it can be tasty and prepared quickly too!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 3 live cooking classes
  • 1 live nutrition workshop
  • 21-day complete meal plan
  • 1 Group Coaching session
  • Over 25 recipes
  • Closed group chat

Program schedule:

  • January 8th: Group Coaching Session – identifying specific goals for the group to address during the program
  • January 15th: Live Cooking Class – setting up your kitchen for success
  • January 22nd: Live Cooking Class – meal preparation; how to cook a balanced meal in under 30 minutes
  • January 29th: Live Cooking Class – the flavour factor; making healthy food satisfying
  • February 5th: Live Nutrition Workshop, group coaching and closing ceremony

Time investment:

There will be weekly live workshops each of 1h 30 min. The Workshops will take place on Sundays with the first workshop starting on January 8th. More information about the time of the workshops will be shared to the participants after registration. In case you can’t make the live workshops there will be a recording. Additionally, you will get meal plans, plus little prompts throughout the week to put the knowledge into practice. You will also be part of a closed chat group, so you can connect with others and share your journey.

We will meet LIVE every Sunday in our own kitchens, to cook together and learn more about the role of nutrition in our health.

There will be meal plans, recipes, cooking and kitchen hacks to save you time and up the flavour factor. But besides all that, we will meet up for Group Coaching Sessions where we will dive deeper into nutrition, and you’ll learn how to eat for better metabolic and hormonal health, for weight balance, and for more energy and increased performance.

Don’t we all want to feel our best? Let’s start with our food, and I promise it will resonate in other areas of your life too.

My approach towards nutrition is holistic, so we will touch on the interconnection between body, mind and emotions. You will learn how the structure of your day can help support or sabotage your goals.

By the end of this course, you will have adapted new habits in your meal preparation, new understanding of how to nourish yourself, and have a better holistic awareness of how your days can influence the quality of your life.

Meet your host

Vesela Drews, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

As a certified holistic nutritionist I focus on holistic health, taking into account not just your diet, but overall lifestyle as well as your goals and challenges. I completed my studies with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a women, I focus on nutrition that supports women through different lifestages and I am aware of how different each of those stages can be. We women are complex beings, and as such our nutrition needs to adapt to the ebbs and flows of our hormonal fluctuations.

Your most common questions

When are the virtual workshops taking place?

You will receive the full schedule of the workshops before the program starts. Our live online workshops take place over Zoom every Sunday afternoon. I know time is scarce, so I decided to host the workshops on a Sunday, when chances are you have some extra time to prepare some of your food for the week ahead. Should you not be able to make the live workshop, you will receive the recording afterwards. But I strongly encourage you to participate in the live one to get the most value of the workshop for your own particular situation.

How does the program work?

We will meet up virtualy once a week for about an hour an a half to cook and talk about the role of good nutrition. The format will be different: from live cooking classes, presentations to group coaching sessions. You will also receive some practical tips to implement in your day after the workshop. The live cooking classes will be perfect for your busy week, as you will cook in your own kitchen and prepare for the week ahead while chatting with like-minded people and learning more about nutrition.

Are there other payment options?

You can make the secured payment directly through the website using your credit card. If payment by credit card is not possible, get in touch via email (hello(at)platefulnutrition.co) and I will send you an invoice for a bank transfer.

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