I’ve been working with many clients who want to improve their diet for various reasons. Some want to lose some stubborn weight, others want to address hormonal issues and then many want to find their way back to a balanced diet, one that is nourishing, and that supports their body at the current stage of their life. I have noticed many clients have lost their relationship with food. And how can they not! There is so much contradicting information out there: saturated fats are bad/good, seed oils are the worst, carbs make you fat, keto is the answer, avoid fat if you want to lose weight… All this information has led to much confusion, strong arguments and emotions, and also to much experimentation for many. The results of those experimentations are also mixed…

Let us get back to the fundamentals of nutrition. If we are not connected to our body we cannot thrive!

I like the use of acronyms to bring across an actionable plan that is simple, easy to remember and to implement.

This is why I created a dedicated SMART eating strategy.

This strategy uses the principles that I see make the biggest difference when we want to improve our relationship with food, and nourish ourselves better so we not only look our best, but also feel our best!

This will allow us to extend our health longevity, improve physical and mental performance, and yes – fit better into our clothes. And it can be done effortlessly with the SMART eating strategy!

I will be sharing more about the SMART eating strategy and each principle in the FREE Workshop this September 25th, but for now, let’s get to know them on a basic level. I find that starting simple is always the best way to go which holds true for food and everything else in life.

The SMART Eating Strategy stands for:

S: Start the day right

M: Mindful eating

A: Awareness

R: Right amount of macros and micros

T: Timing of your meal

Curious to find out how you can implement it in your daily life?

Join me for the free workshop this September 25th at 16:00h CET, where I will break down each principle in more detail. You will learn how to get more connected with your body, and how to eat in a way that is correct for YOU! Spaces are limited, so make sure you register for the workshop on time to save your spot. If you can’t make the live workshop, there will be a recording afterwards.

Hope to see you this September 25th!

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