How to build the diet that is right for you

There are many components involved in a healthful diet that can be made quite simple. Nutrition has gotten very complex, and there is continual flood of new information, both insightful truth as well as propaganda, surfacing in news and various publications.

Individual nutrition needs

It is vital that we each work on returning to our own instincts of proper nutrition. The purpose of this class is to invite you to go back to the basics and redevelop your own nutrition.

Depending on your age, health state, and lifestyle you will have different nutritional needs. Our nutritional needs are not just unique to ourselves, but they also change depending on our current stage of life and lifestyle. Just because something has worked for you when you were twenty, doesn’t mean it will continue to work when you are forty. This realization is humbling and scary at the same time. We need to stay open and flexible and most importantly – in tune with our body and its requirements.

Seasonality and climate

Where we live plays an important role to our nutritional needs. While someone living in a warm, dry climate might thrive on a predominantly raw diet, this might not be the case for someone living in Central or North Europe, where it is often cold and wet. We will discuss how our location, and seasonality impact our health and wellbeing further in this chapter.

Composing your meals

Additionally, we will discuss in detail the components of a healthy diet and will work on understanding how to best compose our meals. We will discuss the food pyramid guidelines, as well as how to compose our meals according to

Moderation and balance

Lastly we will learn how moderation and balance create the basic habit of good nutrition. Moderation relates to the quantity of food we consume on a daily basis, while balance relate to the quality and types of foods we consume.

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