30-Day REJUVENATION PROGRAM: Boosting Digestion & Metabolism

30-DAY – REJUVENATION PROGRAM: Boosting digestion & metabolism

During this 30-day program we will focus on improving our digestion and boosting our metabolism through a meal plan designed especially for this purpose.

If you often feel tired after meals, experience digestive discomfort, gas or bloating, then your digestive system is probably not working at its best. Weak digestion can impact your health and well-being and lead to low energy levels, headaches and PMS.

Metabolism is the body’s way of turning calories into usable energy. You may know someone who says they have “a fast or slow metabolism”. This simply indicates the rate at which their body can burn calories when it is resting. Metabolism and restrictive diets don’t match well together. The reason for this is simple: as we restrict our caloric intake, our body adjusts its metabolic rate, reducing the total calories it’s burning (slowing metabolism). This makes weight loss more difficult to achieve, and is an indication of the common weight-loss plateau seen in many weight-loss programs.

This is not a program specifically designed for weight-loss, but following this program might very well help you lose weight. As we focus on boosting our metabolism, we will work on increasing the rate at which your body burns calories when resting, so losing weight will become easier. We will work on improving digestion, by reducing the time the food we eat spends in our guts, and working on having more regular bowel movements. Constipation is no fun and besides being a sign of a sluggish digestion it is also a sign of built up toxicity in the gut – all conditions that lead the body to hold on to those extra few kilos.

How exactly will this program improve digestion and boost your metabolism?

We will focus on activating the innate healing power of our body by improving digestion.

During the 30 days you will receive daily emails from me with tips and advice on how to optimize your digestion and metabolism. This will give you a deeper understanding of your body and how it works, and teach you the language of your own body signals!

You will also receive a weekly shopping list and meal plan (including recipes) so that you can start putting the tips from my daily emails into practice.

You won’t have to wonder what to eat during this time. Everything is taken care of for you. All you need to do is to set some time aside in your kitchen to prepare the recipes for your week ahead.

The program is not focused on calorie counting, but rather on smart scheduling of your meals that will help speed up the digestive process and boost metabolism.

What to expect at the end of the program

At the end of the program you will get a greater understanding of your body and the foods that are beneficial for you. You should expect to feel lighter, to have regular bowel movements and to have more energy. Losing some weight might even be a pleasant side effect of this program.

The program will offer you the perfect way to jump-start the New Year by increasing your vitality, improving your mood and focusing on your health and well-being.  

How much does it cost?

To celebrate the New Year and the start of my program I will be offering it at an incredibly affordable rate (the same program in the future will cost 59.99 EUR).

For only 29.99 EUR you will get access to the following:

o   Daily emails with important information, tips & advice on digestion and metabolism

o   Weekly detailed grocery shopping list

o   Weekly detailed meal plan (including 30 recipes!)

o   Access to a closed support group and community on Facebook so that we can all share our progress and motivate each other

The program starts on January 15th and you will receive your first email from me on Friday (12th),  including your grocery shopping list and meal plan for the week ahead.

The last day of the program will be February 11th, 2018. You will enjoy 4 full weeks of grocery shopping lists, a specifically designed meal plan and recipes that will improve your digestion and boost your metabolism. During this time you will have a new found understanding of your body and will have the chance to meet and connect with other people on the same journey as you.

 The registration for this program ends on January 10th so hurry up and reserve your spot! 

 Join me in starting 2018 rejuvenated with better health, more energy and increased mindfulness and respect for our bodies. 

Click on the link below to register or send me an email to hello@platefulnutrition.co.

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